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Egypt - 1 new H5N1 bird flu case announced hospitalized in Qena, girl, 13 - February 3, 2015

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  • Egypt - 1 new H5N1 bird flu case announced hospitalized in Qena, girl, 13 - February 3, 2015

    Health: Results of the analyzes of the central laboratory confirms H5N1 virus-positive infection
    The Ministry of Health and Population, the injury confirmed virus-H5N1 case (bird flu), namely: the case of a girl at the age of 13 years from Qena Governorate and is still under treatment Fever Hospital Qena. It also announces heal and get out of three cases, which is the old lady 47 years of conservative Minya Bani Mazar management, and the old lady of 35 years of Minya governorate of Minya management, and the lady at the age of 42 years from the eastern province of Hehia management. Therefore, calls on the Ministry of Health and Population citizens who deal with poultry immediately go to the nearest hospital for medical service in the case of symptoms of influenza them where to receive the injured bird flu drug Tamiflu within the first 24 hours of the onset of symptoms increases the cure rates of disease and reduces mortality and advises the Ministry of Health of citizens who deal with poultry exercise caution and prudence when dealing with birds, especially by showing them symptoms of sick and need to take preventive measures to prevent infection, such as cover your mouth and nose when dealing with poultry, wash your hands with soap and water after handling birds and not to take children to places of birds breeding or slaughter, as well as the need to separate the birds from the living quarters. Source: Media Center

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    The 3 cases listed as "healed" from the hospital are not previously announced cases:

    Female, 47 - Minya
    Femake, 35 - Minya
    Female, 42 - Beheira

    I am not sure if these cases were also confirmed as H5N1 positive, or not. I will make a note on the case list but not add them as numbered cases until the WHO announcement. Also, the MoH website is missing a media report of an MoH confirmed case from yesterday:

    Egypt - High school student hospitalized in stable condition tests positive for bird flu H5N1 - Beheira governorate

    It is my opinion that the government of Egypt is not consistent in their disease reporting and, in fact, is very unstable. There was a large attack in north Sinai a few days ago. There are apparently many smaller disruptive incidents daily, including an incident near the Cairo airport yesterday. I do not see any hope for the cessation of violence in the near future. Yesterday the main court in Egypt confirmed a mass death sentence for over 180 people. And...many journalists and bloggers are jailed.

    Any announcements by the government should be viewed more as a press release than as actual news.


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      I am going to add the "cured" cases to our list as FAO confirmed the Minya cases: