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Egypt - Assuit MoH announces 6 bird flu H5N1 deaths so far in 2015 - including a health care worker

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  • Egypt - Assuit MoH announces 6 bird flu H5N1 deaths so far in 2015 - including a health care worker

    There is a mention of 7 deaths but there are only 6 detailed here.

    Assiut tops the list of victims of bird flu with 6 deaths ..

    5 women and a child, and Coast regions Ghanayem sound and Dirout and Assiut .. and emergency hospitals to cope with the virus and warnings from trading birds

    Monday, January 19, 2015 - 14:51 D.

    Just infection Minister of Health Assiut - Victims favor Died 6 cases of patients with the bird flu virus in Assiut Governorate including 5 women and a child areas Baghannaam Coast sound and Dirout and Assiut, where he

    died of the Child (Carolus, n, a) 6 years died of bird flu virus, which had been converted from the province of Minya to Assiut University Hospital was the baby book hospital and sampling survey and sent to labs central Cairo, and confirmed a positive result sample carry the child to the virus, making it the number of deaths in Assiut 7 deaths,

    and two cases were healing case is currently under case for treatment hospital chest.

    As a woman named (o, u died , Q) 47 years and had been converted from Dirout Center Hospital chest Assiut Governorate, and are in poor health and suffering from double pneumonia and respiratory failure, and the withdrawal of the sample and sent to labs central Cairo show positive injury case the virus, underwent sick for several days intensive treatment and died yesterday evening affected by the disease.

    also died lady called "M-A, B," 43 years old and working in one of the health facilities the status of a sound Coast, has been converted from a sound Coast Central Hospital to Hospital chest Assiut on suspicion of bird bird flu virus, were withdrawn samples and sent to labs central Cairo then reached to respond to the Chest Hospital positively injury situation influenza virus, and being infected with acute pneumonia double and found contact with diseased birds carry the virus, said the health of Assiut official.

    He added that the fourth case was a lady "T- A" of the village in the center of the corner Assiut, was in the fourth decade of life, and it has been booked hospital chest for her symptoms of avian influenza and Ngeltha, and analysis and sampling show positive infection, and was receiving treatment for a short period at the hospital and then died from pneumonia chronic.

    fifth case was a lady of Ghanayem center of 20 years old and she was a student Institute of Technical healthy, was the discovery of her late, where he was converted in the beginning of the Hospital Assiut University 3 days, and the situation deteriorated quickly, which led to her failure in the functions of the respiratory system and died from injuries she sustained acute pulmonary double. sixth case was

    a lady on the seventh of her contract and at the age of 65 years are called (a-e-b) and was one of a village in Assiut Center, and was suffering from a very high temperature and difficulty in breathing, so I went to reveal one of the private clinics, was transferred to a hospital diets on 3 / 1/2015 was booked in the Fever Hospital for one day and then was then converted to a hospital chest, was sampling survey and sent to labs central Cairo and showed a positive result being infected with bird flu and severe inflammation of the lungs analysis. They attributed the Health Directorate causes bird flu to several reasons including two reasons are clear linked to each other, namely the delay in the diagnosis of the situation, and the denial of the people of the patient's diagnosis and injury. It warned health Assiut people's preventing trading, buying and selling and breeding of live birds, and the lack of pursuit of attention raising domestic birds, and that he must buy a bird Almzbouhh frozen, because they are, even though the bird virus Massapt it dies once the freeze and also arriving to the boiling point during cooking.


    The other 2 are:

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    Woman, child die of bird flu in Egypt, five deaths so far this year

    An Egyptian woman and child died of H5N1 bird flu, the health ministry said on Monday, the fourth and fifth persons to die of the illness in the country this year. Both Assiut and Minya provinces are rural areas that have seen a number of bird flu cases in the past year. The ministry announced one other case in treatment, bringing the total number of cases in Egypt to 20 this year so far. This includes five deaths as well as six recoveries and nine cases still under treatment, Abdel Ghaffar said.