Injury case No. 20 infected with bird flu

Posted on Saturday, December 20, 2014


Jeridh- confirmed the results of analyzes of the central Ministry of Health laboratories, Saturday, positive test results state of Sohag, and being infected with ?H1N5? bird flu.
And appeared on the patient's symptoms, last week, after he was earlier in the dead birds at home, and is undergoing treatment Sohag Fever Hospital, and his condition is stable.
Said Dr. Amr Kandil, head of preventive medicine sector, it is that the injury bringing the total number of infected with bird flu this year, 20 cases, including 9 cases of healing, and two cases under treatment, and 9 deaths.
It called on the Ministry of Health and Population citizens who deal with poultry, immediately go to the nearest hospital to receive health service, in the case of the emergence of influenza symptoms, as the receiving infected with a drug ?Tamiflu? treatment during the first 24 hours of the onset of symptoms increases the cure rates of the disease, and reduces death rates.
The ministry advised citizens who deal with poultry need to cover your mouth and nose when dealing with poultry, wash your hands with soap and water after handling birds, and not to take children to places of birds breeding or slaughter, as well as the need to separate the birds from the living quarters.