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Egypt - Dodgy dealings: bird flu, the mafia, & a concern about pigs

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  • Egypt - Dodgy dealings: bird flu, the mafia, & a concern about pigs

    Machine translated from Arabic:

    Adli Hussein causes dangerous surprises in the People's Assembly: the spread of the bird flu in Egypt ..With effective doing
    April 20, 2006

    She wrote - the loyalty of the blessing of God:

    The consultant Adli Hussein Al-Qalyubia governor caused a surprise around the spread of the bird flu disease in Egypt. The governor said that the disease spread with effective doing, and he accused mafia the farms owners with the transfer of the disease from the dead poultry to the sound in the farms for getting the compensations. And he pointed that 75% of the death cases are inside the farms a fabricated and that the compensations did not go to their owners the trues. The governor recognized in front of the committee of agriculture and irrigation the People's Assembly yesterday with the presence of mafia it has facilitated of the measures of the poultry smuggling the dead for its slaughter and its freezing have been presented in the markets. And the consultant Adli Hussein requested getting rid of the pigs that causes the change of the virus and his move from a person to another. And the consultant Adli Hussein declared that the import of the bird flu serums is the responsibility of the Ministry of Agriculture that entrusted an import the serums of a scientific committee and the request of the investigation with the committee of the fact-finding are around the non imported Chinese serums effectiveness that a fortification took place the poultry by them are in the farms.

    Also he confirmed that the central committee for fighting the bird flu disease carries out now a complete scientific survey to all of the governorates in cooperation with the Armed Forces for getting samples of the birds with the target of the recognition of a truth and the spread of the disease.

    And he pointed that Asyut Governorate is only and free from the disease [Asyut? Huh? They had bf suspected cases there, so they probably *had* bf anyway.]. The agriculture committee has decided the calling for of doctor Fathi Saad a governor Giza and the central committee president for fighting the bird flu regarding the import of 25 million Chinese serum dose for the fortification of the poultry are despite the certainty of its failure and its non suitability for the resistance of the disease in China herself.
    ...when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. - Sherlock Holmes