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Avian influenza has caused casualties and considerable material
Kafr El-Sheikh - Egyptian Ahmed:

, Died early today, a full high-Ibrahim disco "48 years", a housewife and resident district Izziyah
The new city of Kafr el-Sheikh
; and after the hospital admitted Ahjtazha Kafr Hebouk suspicion
Bird flu disease bird flu
in the first session yesterday evening, that she died in
Three in the morning, after the hospital refused to treat only after obtaining 500 pounds as a condition for entering the room
Intensive care.

According to her brother, she entered the hospital Thursday night after suffering from high temperature,
And detained one of the wards, but the situation has become worse; the temperature rose to 42, and decided
Transported to the hospital intensive care, but they asked for the amount of 500 pounds Vobrnahm we do not
Have the amount for the time being refused entry into the management of the hospital intensive care before
The payment amount, and continued until the controversy died in hospital on the streets of three in the morning.

He stressed that they had informed the hospital administration that they would take legal actions, one of the doctors Fahaddhm
The management of the hospital autopsy, if reported to the police; forcing people to accept the deceased
Fait accompli, and the burial of the body.

He said to her brother (Ikhwanite Online) demands that the Minister of Health and the Governor of Kafr El-Sheikh to investigate the
Aelloukap so as not to lose the right of the deceased, and repeated what has happened with other patients, especially the dreaded disease
Has become endemic in Egypt.