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Egypt: Confirmed H5N1 #80, 4 yo in Dakahliya

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    Re: Egypt: Confirmed H5N1 #80, 4 yo in Dakahliya

    Originally posted by Laidback Al View Post
    ......... The pattern of human infections of H5N1 in Egypt is very different this year.

    ......... Instead of tapering off by now, we are actually seeing an increase in the number of confirmed cases over the past 60 days. The increasing infection rate in the off season for H5N1 in Egypt seems to be paralleling the off season increasing infection rate for the novel A(H1N1) that is spreading around the world.
    Caused by???? A cool spring? Increased testing?

    Do we have a recombined H5N1 (old H5 + novel H1N1 with PB2/627=E)?

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      Re: Egypt: Confirmed H5N1 #80, 4 yo in Dakahliya

      i think in general more people are being pushed toward the hospitals by the media coverage within Egypt on this issue.I do know a total of eighteen hospitals are used for data collection and research areas between the local authorities and namru with that said.they often make little information public.

      I think Egypt was being honest when they indicated the virus mutated and became more virulent and now shows some potential degree for resistance to tamiflu. were also well into the summer.

      all the efforts and reporting are also not equal, as the two suspect cases reported yesterday one from assuit being a sixty year old women. in this case none of the normal actions were mentioned as being taken checking,cleaning or removing the local bird nesting or breding areas and or the visits to the other local houses or retail stores which handle live birds?

      I understand all to well that within the rural areas, many would never rush into a doctors office or hospital do to the cost of services alone.then when you couple it with the very threat of your whole family unit being carted off. locked up, being held captive while tested. you cant very well work to provide for or feed the family unit. these types of actions can directly lead to and result in hidden cases and further under reporting.

      I'm concerned, i suspect the worse is yet to come.

      I think the real death rate is most likely being under reported, not by intent! but by the need to bury our dead. based on our traditions and culture especially in the real rural areas where things are still done very much the old way. for the most part ,any type of postmortem action/exam is the exception to the rule.which could and would most likely lead to the under reporting of deaths.


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        Re: Egypt: Confirmed H5N1 #80, 4 yo in Dakahliya

        Originally posted by niman View Post
        I doubt it. If they wanted better testing, they would test those without a poultry link. The more cases are due to widepsread infections and protective immunity in older residents.

        The fact that all patients are five or younger indicates the testing is abysmal (and what would WHO do with widespread mild H5N1)?.
        it could also indicate that a earlier recent outbreak took place and went un-noticed publicly about six years ago. and i would not be surprised, if this was the case.


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          Re: Egypt: Confirmed H5N1 #80, 4 yo in Dakahliya

          Originally posted by niman View Post
          I doubt it. If they wanted better testing, they would test those without a poultry link. The more cases are due to widepsread infections and protective immunity in older residents.

          The fact that all patients are five or younger indicates the testing is abysmal (and what would WHO do with widespread mild H5N1)?.
          I did not say testing is widespread. I think the testing is relatively better since WHO arrived. I think "mild" H5N1 has been around since 2007 with the children in Southern Egypt.

          Now we are getting a look into what the problem is and probably has been for a while.


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            Re: Egypt: Confirmed H5N1 #80, 4 yo in Dakahliya

            Russians picked up the story:

            Google translation:
            Four-year Egyptian caught avian flu
            RIA Novosti Reuters
            02:25 08/06/2009

            CAIRO, June 8 - RIA Novosti, Nadim Zuaui. A new case of human infection with H5N1 reported in Egypt, told reporters the Egyptian Health Ministry official spokesman Abdel Rahman Shahin.

            According to him, the doctors confirmed the diagnosis of avian influenza "at four-year girl from Dakhaliya.

            It is currently receiving treatment drug Tamiflu, the patient is evaluated by doctors as stable.

            Avian influenza first appeared in Egypt in 2006. Total H5N1 virus was detected in 80 people. At least 27 infected people died.

            Cases of avian influenza infection recorded in both the north and south of the country. At the same time in the Egyptian resort towns, where the rest of foreign tourists, the H5N1 virus is not detected.

            In recent months, most cases of human avian flu in Egypt, recorded in children. This fact became interested in the WHO, which calls for thorough consideration of this feature of the virus in Egypt.

            In addition, 13 people were hospitalized on Sunday from Cairo International Airport with a suspected virus A/H1N1. This dangerous virus was found in Egypt only once. 12-year-old U.S. citizen, arrived in Egypt from Europe, was hospitalized on June 2, directly from the airport. After treatment she was discharged from hospital.


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              Re: Egypt: Confirmed H5N1 #80, 4 yo in Dakahliya

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                Re: Egypt: Confirmed H5N1 #80, 4 yo in Dakahliya

                The incidence of ?80? fear of bird flu in villages Dakahliya ..
                و٨ حالات اشتباه جديدة فى ٥ محافظات
                And 8 suspected cases in 5 new provinces

                كتب نبيل أبوشال وناصر الكاشف وغادة عبدالحافظ وياسر شميس وأمل عباس وعادل ضرة ومحمد محمود خليل ومحمد فايد والسيد أبوعلى ٩/ ٦/ ٢٠٠٩
                Nabil wrote Obchl Kashif and Nasir, Ghada Abdalhafez and Yasser Abbas Shamis and hope and just dug and Mohamed Mahmoud Khalil and Mohammed Abu Ali, Mr. Fayed 9-6 / 2009 <table style="border-collapse: collapse; text-align: left; direction: ltr;" align="right" border="0" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="0"><tbody><tr><td align="center" valign="top">
                تسيطر حالة من الخوف الشديد على أهالى قرية ?ميت حديد? بالدقهلية بعد إعلان وزارة الصحة عن ظهور الحالة رقم ٨٠ المصابة بانفلونزا الطيور للطفلة ندى محمد عبدالنبى ?٤ سنوات?.

                Control of a state of extreme fear among the inhabitants of the village of ?dead iron? Badakkhlip after the announcement of the Ministry of Health in the emergence of case No. 80 of the infected bird flu girl, Nada Mohamed Abdulnabi ?4-year?.
                قال والد الطفلة إن ابنته كانت تزور جدها فى قرية ?كفر الصلاحات?، وأصيبت هناك بنزلة برد وتم نقلها إلى مستشفى منية النصر الذى حولها لمستشفى الصدر قبل أن يخربه الاطباء وقالوا انها مصابة بانفلونزا الطيور.

                "The girl's father said his daughter was visiting her grandfather in the village of? power to Kafr ?, and there was a cold and was taken to a hospital Maniya victory around to the Chest Hospital Ikrabh before the doctors and said it was infected with bird flu.
                وأكد الدكتور عبدالكريم على السيد، وكيل وزارة الصحة بالمحافظة، أن حالة الطفلة مستقرة، وتم نقلها بصحبة والدتها لمستشفى منشية البكرى بالقاهرة لوضع الطفلة تحت الملاحظة الدقيقة، بينما أوضح الدكتور فتحى البيلى، وكيل وزارة الطب البيطرى بالمحافظة، أنه تم توجيه حملة لفحص الدواجن بالقرية والتنبيه على الأهالى بضرورة ذبحها.

                And Dr. Abdul-Karim, Mr., Under-Secretary, Ministry of Health, the government, that the stable situation of the girl child, and was accompanied by her mother moved to the hospital in the capital Cairo for the development of the child under the microscope, while Dr. Fathi Albely, Under-Secretary, Department of Veterinary Medicine to maintain that it had been directed to examine the campaign and alert the village poultry people need to slaughter.
                وفى الغربية، احتجز مستشفى حميات المحلة، أمس، طفلين للاشتباه فى إصابتهما بمرض أنفلونزا الطيور، هما: أحمد رجب ?عامان? من مدينة قطور، ومحمد محمود عطية ?٣ سنوات? من قرية ميت بدر حلاوة بسمنود.

                In the West, the hospital admitted Mahala held, yesterday, on suspicion of two children infected with bird flu, are: Ahmed Rajab ?two? Qtor of the city, and Mohamed Mahmoud Attia ?3 years? from the village of Mit Badr Halawa Basmnod.
                وتم إعطاؤهما عقار التاميفلو، وأخذ عينات دم منهما ومسحة حلق لتحليلها فى المعامل المركزية بوزارة الصحة.

                Administered the drug Tamiflu, the taking of blood samples and their melancholy hours in the laboratory for analysis, the central Ministry of Health.
                واكتشفت الادارة البيطرية بالمحافظة بؤرة إيجابية للمرض فى قرية ?المنشية الكبرى? بمركز السنطة، وعلى الفور تم إعدام الطيور المصابة وتطهير القرية بالكامل، وعمل كردون صحى بطول ٢٠٠ متر حول المنازل.

                And discovered that the veterinary department to maintain a positive focus for the disease in the village of ?Great Mansheya? Alsentp status, and immediately infected birds were culled and the village cleared in full, and healthy work Kerdoun length 200 meters on the houses.
                وفى القليوبية، احتجز مستشفى حميات بنها كلا من فوزى محرم أبو والى ?٣٨ سنة - بائع طيور? من كفر شكر، وفاطمة رزق محمد ?٢٣ سنة - ربة منزل? من الشرقية للاشتباه فى اصابتهما بالمرض، كما احتجز مستشفى ?صدر ٢٣ يوليو? هناء سليمان عواد ٣٦ سنة ربة منزل من بهتيم.

                In Qaliubiya detained hospital fevers Banha both Fawzi Abu Muharram and the ?38 years of age - the seller birds? Kafr thanked, Fatima Mohammed Rizk ?23 years of age - housewife? of the East on suspicion of getting the disease, also held hospital ?issued July 23? Hana Suleiman Awad, 36 years housewife Bhettim.
                واحتجز مستشفى الحميات فى سوهاج أميرة محمد نور الدين ?٣٣ سنة? ربة منزل من قرية عزبة رضوان بدار السلام للاشتباه فى إصابتها بالمرض، وضبطت مديرية الطب البيطرى، مزرعة غير مرخصة لتربية الدواجن بمنطقة الحويتى، وبها ٥ آلاف كتكوت تم التحفظ عليها، وسحب عينات منها وإرسالها إلى معامل بحوث صحة الحيوان.

                He was detained in hospital diets Souhag Amira Mohamed Noordin ?33 years? housewife from the village of al-Radwan Dar es Salaam on suspicion of being infected with the disease, and seized the Directorate of Veterinary Medicine, unlicensed farm poultry Ahoity area, with 5 thousand chick was impounded, and the withdrawal of samples and sent to the animal health research laboratories.
                وفى دمياط، احتجز مستشفى الحميات هانى على محمد الحلو ?٣٤ سنة? نجار للاشتباه فى إصابته بالمرض، وتم إعدام نحو ١٣٠٠ من الطيور الحية ودفنها تحت إشراف إدارة البيئة بالمحافظة.

                In Damietta, was arrested at the hospital diets Hany Mohamed sweet ?34 years? Najjar on suspicion of being infected with the disease, and was executed about 1300 of birds living and buried under the supervision of the maintenance management of the environment.
                وقال الدكتور يسرى مبروك، وكيل وزارة الصحة بالبحيرة، إن مستشفى حميات دمنهور احتجز حسنية شعبان عبدالجواد ?٥٠ سنة? ربة منزل للاشتباه فى اصابتها بالمرض.

                Said Dr. Yusri Congratulations, Under-Secretary, Ministry of Health in the lake, the hospital admitted Damanhour detained Husniyya Sha'baan Abduljawad ?50 years? housewife suspected of having contracted the disease.
                وفى الاسكندرية، تم ضبط ٣ محال و١٨ فرشاً لبيع الطيور الحية دون ترخيص، وإعدام ٧٧٢ طائراً وإزالة ٣٧٨ عشة، وتحصين ٤٩٨٥ طائراً فى قرى تابعة لقسمى الرمل ثان ومحرم بك، بالإضافة إلى إحالة ١١ تاجر طيور إلى النيابة بعد إعادتهم فتح المحال التى سبق إغلاقها بالشمع الأحمر.

                In Alexandria, 3 stores were seized and 18 Vrcha for the sale of live birds without a license, the execution of 772 birds and 378 remove the straw, and fortification of 4985 birds in the villages belonging to the second sections of the sand and is prohibited, as well as your dealer to refer 11 birds returned to the prosecution after the opening of shops that were previously closed wax Red.