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The eastern region, two positive & detention of remaining 32 Provinces

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  • The eastern region, two positive & detention of remaining 32 Provinces

    Egypt: The eastern region, two positive and the detention of the remaining 32 provinces

    The series of bird flu is still going on


    Remove bird nests from circulation to intensify control over markets and veterinary permits all actions taken by the provinces to reduce the incidence of avian influenza to ensure the safety and protection of citizens, however, is still an ongoing series

    Nermin Ahawadwi East:
    The Chancellor applauds Governor Abdel East again to prevent the circulation of live birds with the shop or the markets to prevent the intensification of control of the houses or on rooftops are now within the city, and to remove any nest will be seized immediately.

    It also decided to intensify crackdowns on the ambushes and outlets to ensure the existence of permits to accompany the vehicles loaded with veterinary and health of birds to prevent the infiltration of infected birds, with immediate closure.

    On the other hand, said Dr. Mostafa Attia Undersecretary of Veterinary Medicine in the eastern region that has been the provision of one million five hundred thousand muzzle workers and members of the committee formed to follow up and control the disease and supply the veterinary medicine, health and police bodies to ensure their safety and to protect them from injury.

    Have revealed the results of the analysis conducted by the central labs in Cairo on the positive cases of the children a beautiful 4-year Abdullah Ali from the village of Abu Hammad Amrit Center, and Ahmed Ibrahim, the spring 4 years from the city of Hiaia and bird flu have been transferred from hospital to hospital fevers Zagazig the capital Cairo for treatment.

    In Sohag, Mohamed Mostafa Mutawe and Nivine:
    Able Investigation in conjunction with the supply of veterinary control of the farm village of privacy, unauthorized Okhmim status within the residential block, with 5 thousand chick my age was the reservation of birds within the same farm, the difficulty of transfer to the small old.

    Elia said Dr. Aziz, Chief of the Operations Room of Veterinary Medicine Department, adding that samples had been withdrawn and sent to laboratories Animal Health Research Institute.

    In Mansoura Atiyah Abdul Hamid
    Been detained, 22 new cases from different centers of a hospital Dakahliya Mansoura on suspicion of having bird flu have been taking samples from suspects and sent to the Ministry of Health laboratories for analysis to ascertain if the disease were infected or not.

    On the other hand, the governor issued a peace Samir instructions to all officials and supply veterinary medicine banned the circulation of live birds or final sale of stores and markets.

    In Kafr el-Sheikh Alaa Abdullah:
    Detained in Kafr Sheikh hospital diets 6 new cases of suspected bird flu and the balance of the bird, after feeling severe pain in bones and a rise in temperature and a cough lasting and ran from the nose was immediately placed in an area dedicated to cases of suspicion and obtain a sample of blood and swab hours and sent to the central laboratory of the Ministry of Health in Cairo for analysis.

    May have been discharged from hospital 8 new cases after the tests confirmed that the samples were negative for the disease.

    In Beni Suef, Mostafa Fouad:
    Dr. Ezzat Abdullah, Governor of Beni Suef to grant a reward of 250 pounds each have a role in the fight against bird flu and to reduce the spread and the amount of the deduction of 200 pounds of the laggards in the performance of their work in the fight against bird flu.

    On the other hand, is currently the General Authority for Information of the Ministry of Information to print promotional materials to raise awareness about bird flu and swine in-kind gifts for students in elementary and junior high schools are currently being prepared for delivery to the directorates in governorates of Education for distribution to students.

    Tamer Abdul Rauf of the lake:
    Reservation was 4 children and a housewife in Damanhour admitted for suspected bird flu infection and the symptoms have appeared on each of the saw 14-year-old Ibrahim Mohammed Smjarat Mahmoud Ahmed satarist 10 years Izbat Almnyaoi Mahmudiya and Yasser Ahmed Rostom (two years ) Kom Rashid Rida and Muhammad Ismail Alsoualem 10 months Itai gunpowder and security of Mahmoud Salem, Kafr Al-Dawar Dysho 45 housewife Mkhaltthm In view of the domestic poultry, have been transferred to hospital with fever and to take samples and swabs for laboratory analysis of the Central Ministry of Health.

    Ahmed vast portions of the West:
    Been two cases of detention of a housewife and her 3-year Bhmyat Mahala, on suspicion of having bird flu. This was stated by Dr. Sharif Hammouda Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health meeting Sunday attended by noting that the results of tests confirmed the cases were negative 8 exit .

    On the other hand, 1673 birds were culled, and the removal of the status of a nestling 7 slums of the cities of the province.
    hat-tip Helblindi