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Egypt - Pigs to be moved from 5 provinces to farm in Helwan

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  • Egypt - Pigs to be moved from 5 provinces to farm in Helwan

    Year 133 - Issue 2009 Mar 14 17 Jun e 1430 Saturday

    May 15 is preparing to receive the 5 provinces of pigs on 238 acres

    Wrote: Adel El-Deeb Hisham Zaki and Mohamed Abdalmattiy

    In the context of efforts to preserve the environment and the removal of all polluting activities and the causes of diseases, mainly bird flu, called People's Assembly and Shura Council, Major General Abdel Salam Mahgoub, Minister of Local Development commissioned a consulting office to prepare a study of the line and the overall strategic map of the area allocated in Helwan, an area of 238 acres on 15 city May resettlement activities to address the litter and pig raising provinces of Cairo, Giza, and October and Helwan, members stressed the need to include the status quo socially and economically, physically and environmentally, and of limited size and settlement policies and the necessary services and facilities and mechanisms for implementation and funding schedules and the proposed addition to the importance of the Educational pigs fed on the list of feed through the garbage and not to reduce pollution, and members reiterated the need to include the decisions of the Organization to give effect to the presidential decree to establish a garbage-processing area and the raising of pigs. taking into account the need to preserve the environment and the adoption of requirements that protect the health of citizens and the most important should be the place for the establishment of such blocks away from the farm population. proved especially after the

    Studies that the pig farms of the most important causes for the transfer of bird flu.

    In the province of Giza, the number of sites where there is a pig breeding pens after the new administrative boundary of the province and is now indoors, there are only two locations, one in Saft in the milk and the other in the land of Major-General within the ring road and follow the district Bulaq Dakrur.

    In the province's governor on October 6, Dr. Fathi Saad Mhdp instructions quickly coordination with the concerned authorities Kmadirip environment and facilities and the cleaning away the contaminated spots of the environment resulting from the pig farms and garbage treatment and Krdasp Ousim areas and under the center July 26 in preparation for the transfer of processing activities and the raising of garbage pigs to the area allocated to that province, Helwan.

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    Re: Egypt - Pigs to be moved from 5 provinces to farm in Helwan

    Pigs in Egypt Moved Out of Residential Areas


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      Re: Egypt - Pigs to be moved from 5 provinces to farm in Helwan


      Survey sheds pig breeding land for transfer to the General * 15 ‬ May

      Hisham wrote Alhloti *: ‬ Giza governorate decided to prepare an inventory of breeding pigs in pens Brigade and the identification of land owners, * ‬ before being transferred to * »51 ‬ May *«

      ‬ space will be limited to the ownership and the ownership of all land held by each and the number of pigs in the fold under the operational procedures for the transfer of pig farms from the land of Major General to the new proposed site east of the town of Valley flies * »51 ‬ May *« ‬ been allocated * »832« ‬ * ‬ acres for the transfer of all existing parks breeding pigs in Cairo in order * ‬ big on the environment and health citizens,

      * ‬ The brigade engineer Syed Abdul Aziz governor of Giza, the formation of a committee comprising representatives of the preservation of organs, including the Directorate of Veterinary Medicine, * ‬ Agouza district and the Directorate of Social Affairs and the Center for information networks and management of property, facilities and planning for the physical inventory is required, * ‬ and the identification of owners and the area in preparation Brooders * ‬ to determine the area to be allocated to counties and the governor asked the Director of the Directorate of Social Affairs, the work of a social survey of the breeding pigs and to identify the needs of citizens, * ‬ The governor also asked the Department of Urban Planning to prepare a comprehensive scheme for the urban area of Major General after the transfer of pig farms, that * ‬ taking into account the dimensions economic, social and environmental


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        Re: Egypt - Pigs to be moved from 5 provinces to farm in Helwan

        «Environment» warns of spread of the virus and confirm the approach of his transfer from the human rights of

        كتب منى ياسين ٢٥/ ٤/ ٢٠٠٩ Mona Yassin, wrote 4-25-2009

        حذر عدد من خبراء البيئة والجهات الرسمية من خطورة بقاء حظائر الخنازير حتى الآن، وتأجيل قرار نقلها إلى أماكن صحراوية بعيدة عن الأماكن السكنية، مؤكدين أن تحور فيروس أنفلونزا داخل الخنازير وانتقاله من الإنسان إلى الإنسان أوشك على الاقتراب بعد ارتفاع أعداد الوفيات من ضحايا أنفلونزا الطيور.

        Warned a number of environmental experts and official bodies of the danger of the survival of pig farms so far, and the decision to postpone the transfer to the desert places far from residential areas, stressing that the flu virus in pigs and its transmission from human to human is about to close, after a rise in the number of deaths of the victims of avian flu.

        وأكد تقرير رسمى صادر عن وزارة البيئة، أن مصر على رأس الدول التى أثبتت الفحوص السيرولوجية والعزل الفيروسى، وجود فيروس فى الخنازير ضمن ست بلدان موجود بها الفيروس وهى: فرنسا واليابان وإنجلترا وبلغاريا وتايلاند وكمبوديا، وهو الفيروس المسؤول عن التحور داخل أجساد الخنازير وانتقاله إلى جسم الإنسان.

        The official report issued by the Ministry of the Environment, the capital of Egypt for the countries that had tested Alserologip and viral isolation, the presence of the virus in pigs in the six countries by the virus, which is: France, Japan, England, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Thailand, the virus responsible for the mutation within the bodies of pigs and its transmission to the body rights.

        وحذر التقرير من أن الخنازير تلعب دوراً مهماً فى نشر فيروسات الأنفلونزا، حيث إنه الحيوان الوحيد الذى يمكن أن يصاب بعترتى فيروس أنفلونزا الإنسان والطيور معاً، وتتركز خطورة إصابة الخنازير بأنفلونزا الطيور فى تشابه الجهاز المناعى لها مع نظيره فى الإنسان، مما يعطى الفيروس فرصة التأقلم عليه، ويسهل انتشار الوباء من الخنازير للإنسان.

        The report warned that pigs play an important role in the spread of influenza viruses, since it is the only animal which can become infected Baatarty human influenza virus and birds together, and focus the seriousness of bird flu infection in pigs, the similarity with the immune system of the human counterpart, which gives the virus an opportunity to adapt it and facilitate the spread of the epidemic from pigs to humans.

        وأشار التقرير إلى أن العلماء حالياً يحذرون من انتقال العترة الضارية الحالية H٥N١ إلى الخنازير واختلاطها بالعترات الأخرى، لأن الخنازير تقوم بدور الوعاء الخلط للعترات المختلفة، ومن ثم تظهر للوجود أنواع جديدة شديدة الضراوة تنتقل من الخنازير إلى الإنسان بسهولة.

        The report pointed out that scientists now warn Alaatarp transition from the current H5N1 to wild pigs and other Balaatarat mixing, because the pigs play a receptacle for mixing the different strains, and thus show the existence of new types of high-intensity moves from pigs to humans easily.

        من جانبه، حذر الدكتور أحمد عبدالوهاب، أستاذ علم التلوث، بجامعة بنها، من كارثة وبائية متوقع حدوثها فى حالة تحور فيروس أنفلونزا الطيور وبعدها انتقاله إلى الإنسان،

        For his part, warned Dr. Ahmed Abdul Wahab, Professor of pollution, Benha University, from a catastrophic pandemic and is expected to occur in the case of avian influenza virus mutates and then move to humans,

        وقال إن تأخر نقل حظائر الخنازير إلى أماكن واسعة ينذر بكارثة، خاصة أن الخنزير والحصان أقوى اثنين من الحيوانات يمكن أن يحدث تحور للفيروس داخل أجسادهما وينتقل للإنسان،،

        He said that the delayed transfer of pig farms to large places and dire, especially as the pig and horse, two of the most powerful animals that could happen to the virus mutates within Ojdzisadahma and transmitted to humans,

        ولفت إلى أن هناك إهمالا شديدا فى التخلص من الدواجن بالمزارع، وأضاف أن وزارات الصحة والبيئة والزراعة ومصلحة الطب البيطرى وضعت برنامجاً يمنع تربية الطيور فى المنازل، وأن هناك نصاً فى القانون يمنع هذا الشأن، واعتبر عبدالوهاب أن أعداد الخنازير الموجودة فى مصر قنبلة موقوتة، حيث تمثل خطورة كبيرة، وهو ما دعاه إلى المطالبة بسرعة نقل الحظائر.

        He pointed out that there are neglected in the disposal of poultry farms, and added that the ministries of Health and the Environment, Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine Department established a program to prevent breeding of birds in the home, and that there is a provision in the law prevents this regard, Abdul Wahab said that the number of pigs in Egypt is a time bomb, where represent a great danger, which invited him to call for a prompt transfer of pens.