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Egypt - Human H5N1 Confirmed / Suspected - December 15, 2008 to February 7, 2009

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    Re: Egypt - Human - H5N1 Confirmed / Suspected - December 15, 2008 +

    hat tip Lisa Schnirring at CIDRAP -

    • Date of report: 12 January 2009
    • Governorate: Sixth of October
    • District: Kerdasa (urban area located in western Giza; population 460,000)
    • Village: Kafr Abu Hegazi (Saad Zaghloul Street near Abu Hegazi mosque)
    • Event summary: Female infant, 21 months old, began experiencing symptoms January 9 evening. The family kept unvaccinated poultry that had become sick and died in the previous week. Infant was taken to hospital January 10. AI was suspected on Jan. 11; patient isolated; tests taken. Results on January 12 showed AI; patient was given Tamiflu and transferred. Specimens from mother and other contacts tested negative. The child was reported in good, stable condition Jan. 14.
      • This was Egypt's 52st human infection.
      • For Sixth of October Governorate, it was the fourth suspected human infection but the first to be confirmed positive. For Kerdasa district, it was the first suspected human case.

    • Medical response: The infant around 8 p.m. January 9 began experiencing symptoms of fever, high temperature (41 C), cough, nasal discharge, vomiting, rapid breathing. Family sought medical care at Imbaba Fever Hospital on January 10.
      • On January 11, case suspected as AI; patient isolated; specimen taken; Tamiflu administered at 1 p.m. Lab test of specimen returned positive for H5N1 virus on January 12; results by Central Public Health Laboratory (CPHL) and NAMRU-III. Case was referred to Manshiet el Bakry Hospital, Cairo.
      • Specimens (blood samples and throat swabs) were taken at Imbaba Fever Hospital from mother and others who had contact with poultry; contacts were kept under supervision at home by Kerdasa Hospital health team. Negative results were found from specimen tests by CPHL.

    • Condition of the home: The family had raised poultry at home that were unvaccinated. Last quantity was 150 chickens, 22 ducks, and 8 geese.
      • The mother said some poultry began dying about a week before the child became sick. During the week, the mother and her family slaughtered the remaining poultry that were sick: 70 chicken and 6 geese. They kept some live ducks and sold some ducks in the local market. They discarded many of the dead poultry in the garbage and around an irrigation canal.
      • Samples from poultry and from slaughtered birds stored in the house refrigerators were tested by MALR's National Laboratory for Veterinary Quality Control on Poultry Production (NLQP); all were found positive for H5N1 virus. Samples were also taken from a neighbor's house located across a small street and were found positive. See related report.

    • Findings of the Ministry of Health and Population's Epidemiology and Disease Surveillance (ESU): Mother's awareness and notification of dead poultry helped in early diagnosis and administering of Tamiflu (around 36 hours after the onset of the disease).


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      Re: Egypt - Human - H5N1 Confirmed / Suspected - December 15, 2008 +

      Al: 1.3 billion birds immunized against influenza .. The danger in March and April

      Day wrote Abduljawad 1-21-2009

      The Higher Committee to combat bird flu meeting yesterday, to follow up the national plan to combat the disease, preventive action, and for monthly monitoring of suspected cases of human, the hotbeds of the disease on local and global levels.

      The meeting was held, headed by Major General Abdel Salam Mahgoub, Minister of Local Development, and the presence of the ministers of health, agriculture and the environment, and the governors of Cairo and October 6, Qalubia, eastern, Dakahlia, Monoufia, and Fayoum, and the West, and Beni Suef, and representatives from the ministries of defense and interior, and the President of the Service.

      The governor was to take all necessary measures to cope with the disease since it broke out in February 2006, explaining that the vaccines were provided free of charge to domestic birds, and paid a symbolic farm to control the disease and prevent its spread,

      He pointed out that vaccination of about 1.1 billion birds in the farms, and about 220 million birds rural education through national campaigns, and the processing of 61.2 million doses of vaccine.

      The governor pointed to the recovery of human infection near the No. 52 for the girl child the names of Mohammad Saleh Ismail ?21 months?, which entered the hospital admitted Imbaba.


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        Re: Egypt - Human - H5N1 Confirmed / Suspected - December 15, 2008 +

        والأنفلونزا ضربت شيرين
        Influenza hit and Shirin

        كتب- عبدالغفار العيسوي:
        BOOKS - Abdulghaffar Al:
        احتجز مستشفي حميات أشمون شيرين حسن غنيم "34 عاما" ربة منزل مقيمة بناحية سمادون بأشمون للاشتباه في اصابتها بفيروس انفلونزا الطيور.

        Detained hospital fevers Echmoun Shirin Hassan Ghneim "34 years" housewife Smadun Bohmon resident district on suspicion of bird flu.
        كانت شيرين تعاني ارتفاعًا في درجة الحرارة ورشحًا وكحة والتهابًا بالحلق وآلامًا بالمفاصل.

        Shirin has been experiencing a rise in temperature, cough and runny and throat inflammation and pain joints.
        أشارت د.
        D noted.
        هناء سرور وكيل مديرية الصحة بالمنوفية إلي أنه تم أخذ عينة دم لتحليلها بالمعامل المركزية بوزارة الصحة.

        Hana pleased Menoufia Under the Directorate of Health had been taking blood samples for analysis labs, the central Ministry of Health.


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          Re: Egypt - Human - H5N1 Confirmed / Suspected - December 15, 2008 +

          Egyptian boy infected with bird flu

          2009-01-25 21:28:03 -

          CAIRO, Egypt (AP) - A spokesman for Egypt's Health Ministry says a 2-year-old child is Egypt's 53rd case of bird flu since the H5N1 virus appeared in the North African country in 2006.

          Shurouq Mohammed Said, from the northern province of Menoufiya, was admitted to the hospital Friday with elevated temperature and sore throat and
          was immediately treated with the anti-flu drug Tamiflu
          , says spokesman Dr. Abdel Rahman Shahine.

          Said is in stable condition, he told the state news agency Sunday.

          Like most of Egypt's victims of the disease, Said was in regular contact with domestic fowl.

          Egypt has had the highest number of human cases after Indonesia and Vietnam. On Dec. 16, a teenager was the 23rd death in the country from bird flu since March 2006.

          "Addressing chronic disease is an issue of human rights that must be our call to arms"
          Richard Horton, Editor-in-Chief The Lancet

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            Re: Egypt - Human - H5N1 Confirmed / Suspected - December 15, 2008 +


            Google translation:
            A two-year-old girl contracted bird flu in Egypt

            CAIRO, Jan 25 - RIA Novosti, Nadim Zuaui. New cases of human avian flu reported in Egypt, said an official of the Ministry of Health Abdel Rahman Shahin.

            The dangerous strain of H5N1 virus detected in a two-year girl Shuruk Said, who lives in the province of Al-Manufiya in the Nile Delta. The cause of contamination, as in most such cases, was the poultry.

            At present, the child is being treated to special drug. Her condition is evaluated by doctors as stable.

            Avian flu first appeared in Egypt in 2006. Since then the country has recorded 53 cases of human infection with the virus, 23 patients died.

            The authorities are actively campaign for the prevention of the virus.

            At an international conference to combat avian influenza, which took place in October 2008 in the Egyptian city of Sharm el-Sheikh, Egyptian Health Minister Hatem al-Gabala said that in the next three years developing and poor countries to fight avian influenza will require 2.2 billion dollars.


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              Re: Egypt - Human - H5N1 Confirmed / Suspected - December 15, 2008 +

              Egypt says girl contracts bird flu

              25 Jan 2009

              Source: Reuters

              CAIRO, Jan 25 (Reuters) - A two-year-old Egyptian girl has been infected with the bird flu virus, becoming the country's 53rd case of bird flu in humans, state news agency MENA said on Sunday.

              MENA cited a health ministry spokesman as the girl, Sherouk Mohammad Said of Menoufia province, contracted the virus through exposure to household poultry, some of which died of the disease.

              The spokesman said Said began suffering flu-like symptoms on Friday and was hospitalised the same day. She has been treated with the antiviral drug Tamiflu and is in a stable condition, according to MENA.

              Of the 53 human cases in Egypt over almost three years, 23 have died, but the number of cases seems to be diminishing. Said was Egypt's third human case of the disease this winter season.

              Since the first case in 2003 there have been 252 human deaths globally from the H5N1 strain of bird flu and at least 399 confirmed cases of infection. Egypt has had more cases than any country outside Asia.

              Thomson Reuters empowers professionals with cutting-edge technology solutions informed by industry-leading content and expertise.
              "Addressing chronic disease is an issue of human rights that must be our call to arms"
              Richard Horton, Editor-in-Chief The Lancet

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                Re: Egypt - Human - H5N1 Confirmed / Suspected - December 15, 2008 +

                Avian influenza - situation in Egypt - update 2

                26 January 2009 -- The Ministry of Health and Population of Egypt has announced a new human case of avian influenza A(H5N1) virus infection. The case is a 2-year-old female from Manofia Governorate, Shebin Elkom District. Her symptoms began on 23 January and she was immediately hospitalized. She remains in a stable condition. Infection with the H5N1 avian influenza virus was confirmed by the Egyptian Central Public Health Laboratory.
                Investigations into the source of her infection indicate a recent history of contact with sick and dead poultry.
                Of the 53 cases confirmed to date in Egypt, 23 have been fatal.


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                  Re: Egypt - Human - H5N1 Confirmed / Suspected - December 15, 2008 +

                  Piles of garbage to the neighboring houses to become hotbeds of avian flu

                  The quality of the mind, Dr. Mahmoud, director-general of Veterinary Medicine in Fayoum, the day before yesterday, the center of the emergence of bird flu, in the village of Sila, the status of the Fayoum, pointing out that the results of the analysis of samples that had been tested at the central laboratory in Cairo confirmed cases of bird flu.

                  Akl said that the samples were withdrawn from the house Abdalvdil Baqi, while the committees of the Directorate of vaccinations, and after being sent to the central laboratory results were positive, pointing out that the formation of a committee of the Directorate moved to the village and culled infected birds in the house, and 30 neighboring houses, and clear the area surrounding the house on an area of square kilometers. For his part, said Dr Hussein Sophie Abutaleb, Under-Secretary, Ministry of Health, has been taking samples from family members of the birds for testing, he said, pointing to the negative results of human specimens.

                  The departments of Veterinary Medicine in Fayoum, Beni Suef and Minya, the highest state of emergency after the discovery of focus, in the Beni Suef attributed Abdullah issued a conservative, strict instructions to the Directorate to intensify crackdowns on the border between the provinces of ambushes and El-Fayoum, and the desert road, which links the two, to prevent the entry of any poultry and destroyed immediately.

                  The other hand, the traditions of the Prophet on the tiger, Jeddah patient in Menoufia, that they were not aware that it purchased the 16 ducks from the market two weeks ago, it would affect her granddaughter Shoroq Mohammed Saeed, two years, b «disaster» bird flu, on Tuesday.

                  They attributed the emergence of a positive case of avian influenza, within the western district of negligence, and the spread of the piles of garbage in the streets, which is a major source of spread of all diseases.

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                    Re: Egypt - Human - H5N1 Confirmed / Suspected - December 15, 2008 +

                    4 Meeting Sunday Attended By The Detention Of Suspected Cases Of Bird Flu

                    Books just dug 1-28-2009

                    Detained hospital fevers Mahala, Tanta and his 4 people yesterday, on suspicion of having bird flu, has been taking blood samples, swab and flew them, and sent to the central Ministry of Health laboratories for analysis.

                    Dr Essam Othman, director general of preventive medicine in the county, admitted that the hospital received the staff of Mahala Nasr Abd ?31 years?, a housewife, and her staff of Ayman Fouad outreach ?two and a half of the year?, from the village of Nasiriyah Smonod Center, also received hospital fevers Tanta happy Saif known drainage ?51 years?, from the village of Shuni of the Center for Tanta, Khalid Hamdi Sabri Mansour ?16 years?, the village tribal Habish dead.

                    "Addressing chronic disease is an issue of human rights that must be our call to arms"
                    Richard Horton, Editor-in-Chief The Lancet

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                      Re: Egypt - Human - H5N1 Confirmed / Suspected - December 15, 2008 +

                      Four individuals from three different locations.

                      village of Nasiriyah Smonod Center

                      1. "the staff of Mahala Nasr Abd" ?31 years?, a housewife
                      2. "staff of Ayman Fouad outreach" ?two and a half of the year?, possibly a son or daughter

                      village of Shuni of the Center

                      3. "happy Saif known drainage" ?51 years?

                      village tribal Habish dead

                      4. "Khalid Hamdi Sabri Mansour" ?16 years?


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                        Re: Egypt - Human - H5N1 Confirmed / Suspected - December 15, 2008 +

                        An official report: cases of suspicion "bird flu" approaching 6000 patients.. and warnings of transformation epidemic


                        An official report of the Ministry of Health and Population, a rise in the number of human cases which had been isolated in all hospitals on suspicion of being infected with bird flu since entering Egypt "February 2006" to 5800 patients.

                        He also disclosed the report prepared by the Department of the control of communicable diseases in the Ministry of Information.

                        An Official Report: Cases Of Suspected B «Avian Flu» Close To 6000 Patients .. The Warnings From Turning Into A Pandemic

                        Tariq wrote Secretary-1-30-2009

                        An official report of the Ministry of Health and population, the high number of human cases which have been isolated in all hospitals on suspicion of being infected with bird flu since entering Egypt «February 2006» to 5800 patients.

                        The report, which was prepared by the Department of the ministry's infectious disease control for the isolation of more than 2000 hospitals on suspicion of being infected, compared to the same period last year.

                        The report, which received the «Egyptian today» a copy of which was that the cases of confirmed infected with the disease so far, are 53 cases in 17 provinces so far, namely Cairo, Qaliubiya and Eastern and Western Monoufia, Dakahliya, lake and Kafr El Sheikh, Damietta, Fayoum and Beni Suef, Minya, Assiut, Sohag, Qena and Aswan.

                        The report said that the number of deaths from the disease reached 23 cases, 13 of them died in hospitals in Cairo, two in Fayoum, and the death of one case in Giza, Beni Suef, Minya, Assiut, the lake, Menoufiya, Dakahliya.

                        Remarkably, the provinces of October 6 and entered HELWAN new to the list of the disease, either in or suspected of infection, where the disease Voktobr injured one, the Helwan was suspected in 4 cases were isolated.

                        The report pointed out that Cairo was the highest number of counties in isolation b 780 patients, followed by West 715 people, and Kafr El-Sheikh b 499 people, Giza and Alexandria, 466 b 354, and 444 people Monoufia,

                        Was isolated 418 people in Damietta, 346 people in Kalyobiya, and occupied the three provinces, an average level of segregation in the number of hospitals, a Daqahlia, Sohag, Minya, follows 309 people, 284 people, 251 people, followed by the provinces of Qena, Minya and Beni Suef, Fayoum and the lake, and Eastern and Aswan,

                        They finished bottom of the table, North Sinai and South Sinai and the Suez and the Red Sea, the New Valley, Ismailia, Port Said, the shorter the list of counties in the least isolated cases on suspicion of being infected with HIV less than 10 cases in each of them, with the exception of Ismailia, which amounted to 18 the number of cases in which case,

                        The report warned of a «epidemic» of avian flu, if there is inaction in dealing with the flu, and said that, although a tribute to all the international organizations in the face of our experience and control the disease, it does not mean that we have spent it,

                        He pointed out that the bird flu «still in power, and fear it could mutate and spread from human to human and human pandemic, which is happening here that could kill millions of people and cause massive economic losses».

                        "Addressing chronic disease is an issue of human rights that must be our call to arms"
                        Richard Horton, Editor-in-Chief The Lancet

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                          Re: Egypt - Human - H5N1 Confirmed / Suspected - December 15, 2008 +

                          A new victim and a report on the 2 year old already listed by MENA as a suspected bird flu case.

                          Before Printing
                          انفلونزا الطيور..
                          Bird flu ..
                          أصابت "سماح" وحالة شروق..
                          Hit the "grace" and the status of Shoroq ..

                          المنوفية- نشأت عبدالرازق:
                          Monoufia - Nash'at Razeq:
                          احتجز مستشفي حميات شبين الكوم سماح حبشي فرحات سراج الدين 27 عاما ربة منزل من كفر شنوان مركز شبين الكوم للاشتباه في اصابتها بفيروس انفلونزا الطيور..

                          Detained hospital fevers Shebin allow Habashi Farhat Serageddin 27-year-old housewife from Kafr Henwan Shebin Center on suspicion of being infected with bird flu ..
                          وكانت المصابة تعاني من حمي ورشح واحتقان بالحلق.

                          And the patient is suffering from fever, running nose and sore throat.
                          قالت د.
                          D said.
                          هناء سرور وكيل مديرية الشئون الصحية بالمنوفية إنه تم سحب عينة من دم المريضة لتحليلها بالمعامل المركزية التابعة لوزارة الصحة بالقاهرة.

                          Hana pleasure of the Under-Directorate of Medical Affairs Menoufia sample was withdrawn from the patient's blood for analysis of the central labs in Cairo, the Ministry of Health.
                          أشارت إلي أن حالة الطفلة شروق محمد سعيد الشال "عامان" مقيمة بشبين الكوم والتي أصيبت بمرض انفلونزا الطيور وتم تحويلها من مستشفي حميات ميت خلف لمستشفي منشية البكري بالقاهرة مستقرة.

                          She noted that the situation of the child Mohammed Said Al-Shall Shoroq "two" resident Bcpin Mound, which was hit by bird flu have been transferred from a hospital for fevers dead behind the hospital in the capital Cairo stable.


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                            Re: Egypt - Human - H5N1 Confirmed / Suspected - December 15, 2008 +

                            hat tip Senior Moderator Fla Medic -

                            CAIRO, Feb 4 (KUNA) -- Health authorities here announced Wednesday that a new case of the Bird Flu was discovered in the province of Suez involing a male child, thus bringing the number of people struck by this disease in the country to 54 since its appearance in Egypt in Feb. 2006.

                            The afflicted child, Mahmoud Gharib, is two years old, said Dr Abdulrahman Shaheen, spokesman for the ministry of Health, adding that the Flu symptoms began to appear on the child last Monday, following which he was admitted to the hospital for observation. He had come in contact with dead birds while playing which resulted in his running up high fever and severe coughing and other symptoms normally associated with the Bird Flu. This took place last Friday.

                            The disease had struck dead 22 people in Egypt since its appearance, and authorities here fear its resurgence mainly because poultry shops, chicken-coop keepers at home, and bird collectors mishandle dead birds which exposes these people to the deadly Flu. (end) bna.ajs KUNA 050021 Feb 09NNNN


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                              Re: Egypt - Human - H5N1 Confirmed / Suspected - December 15, 2008 +

                              Declaration on the situation of the 54 cases of bird flu in Egypt

                              <!-- Capture -->
                              زرعة دواجن بمصر - ا ف ب
                              A poultry farm in Egypt - AFP <!-- Capture -->

                              2/4/2009 9:56:00 PM
                              2/4/2009 9:56:00 PM

                              القاهرة - محرر مصراوى - تأكد مساء يوم الاربعاء اصابة الطفل محمود صبحي غريب على بمرض أنفلونزا الطيور، لتصبح الاصابة رقم 54، يبلغ الطفل من العمر سنتين من منشية على حسن - إدارة الجناين بالسويس .
                              CAIRO - Editor Masrawy - confirmed on Wednesday evening, injuring the child Sobhi Mahmoud Gharib, bird flu, becoming the injury, No. 54, the child reaches the age of two years of the capital good - Ganain Department of the Gulf of Suez.

                              صرح بذلك الدكتور عبدالرحمن شاهين المتحدث الرسمي لوزارة الصحة والسكان.
                              This was stated by Dr. Abdel Rahman Shahin, official spokesman for the Ministry of Health and Population.

                              وأشار شاهين الى أن بداية ظهور الأعراض على الطفل كانت يوم الأثنين دخل على إثرها مستشفى حميات السويس الثلاثاء وهو يعاني من أرتفاع في درجة الحرارة ورشح وسعال عقب تعرضه لطيور نافقة مصابة بالفيروس يوم الجمعة .
                              Shaheen pointed out that the onset of symptoms the child was entered on Monday, admitted to hospital Tuesday, a Suez suffering from high temperature, running nose and cough after being exposed to birds infected with the virus on Friday.

                              وأضاف أنه فور الأشتباه في إصابته بالمرض تم إعطائه عقار التاميفلو لتحويله إلى مستشفى منشية البكري .
                              He added that once the suspicion of being infected with the disease were given the drug Tamiflu to be converted into a hospital in the capital Bakri.

                              وكانت اول حالة اكتشفت لمرض انفلونزا الطيور في مصر في 17 فبراير 2006 حيث اكتشفت بعض الحالات للمرض بين عدد من الطيور في عدة اماكن عدة في مصر وذلك بعد انتشار المرض في مواقع متفرقة من قارة اسيا ونحو سبع دول من القارة الاوروبية اضافة الى بعض الدول العربية والافريقية.
                              The first case of bird flu found in birds in Egypt in February 17, 2006 discovered in some cases of the disease between the number of birds in several places, many in Egypt, after the spread of the disease in various locations from the continent of Asia, and about seven countries of the European continent as well as some Arab and African countries . egypt%2Fdefault.aspx&sl=ar&tl=en&hl=en&ie=UTF-8
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