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EGYPT - "Ministry of Health denies alter the bird flu virus to other types"

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  • EGYPT - "Ministry of Health denies alter the bird flu virus to other types"

    Hat-tip, Helblindi!

    Google-translated from Arabic:

    Ministry of Health denies alter the bird flu virus to other types
    Dec 27, 2007
    Hossam Zayed wrote:

    Dr. Abdulrahman Shaheen spokesman for the Ministry of Health and Population denied any alter the bird flu virus, pointing out that the issue of integration between the viruses mentioned in some newspapers but is the cause of the occurrence of the possibility for more than two years did not occur Thank God that the WHO has already announced that in the event of a merger of this virus with another virus may happen to show other new strain capable of moving from human-to-human.

    This envisages all the scientific community in the world for fear of occurrence, but it did not happen in Egypt or in any other country in the world so far. Said that the total number of human cases that have been hit by the disease, including 39 cases cured 23 cases of which 16 died and 11 cases in the governorate of Cairo and one case in Giza and the situation in the province of Fayoum and Minya governorate case and another in the city of Luxor and the number of patients who have been isolated by suspicion of the disease was even yesterday in the 3723 case all the districts and the results of analysis were negative in full.

    The Ministry of Health and Population is an important fact that the virus is still endemic in Egypt has been eliminated so far, and therefore must continue to take precautionary measures and preventive previously announced by the Ministry of Health and Population, issued by the decisions of the Supreme Committee for the control of avian influenza.
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