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EGYPT - 2 Egyptians Test Positive

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    Re: EGYPT - 2 Egyptians Test Positive

    More on Hanem Atwa Ibrahim [Attorh Hanim Ibrahim] from Damietta and Nora Aboul Abbas Mohamed [Nura Mostafa Abul Abbas Mohamed] from Al Minufiyah.

    Nora/Nura apparently has/had (what sounds like) a small poultry business. Her family have been tested.

    Hanem raises/raised poultry at home. Her husband and children have been tested and put under observation for 7 days.

    Poultry culled in both homes and neighborhoods.

    Machine-translated from Arabic:

    Emergencies in Damietta .. And measures in Monofiya after the appearance of two injuries by the bird flu
    Dec 29, 2007

    Wrote Ceyhan Khalifa Nasser Al-Kashef

    Damietta Governorate declared yesterday the maximum state of emergency after the declaration of Hanem Atwa Ibrahim's [Attorh Hanim Ibrahim] injury 50 years of a housewife from Al Ngdi's land in the region of Ezbet meat in Damietta district by the bird flu disease. While a condition of the sadness and the grief inside Nura Mostafa Abul Abbas Mohamed [Nora Aboul Abbas Mohamed] house 21 years from the belonging village of Barhim [Braheem], to Minuf center in Monofiya, after its injury by the disease the day before yesterday.

    In Monofiya, Doctor Hisham Salem pointed, the Ministry of Health deputy in Monofiya, that the injured [Nora] was making a selling in place of poultry -- and that immediately the formation of a committee from the Ministry of Health and Veterinary Medicine and the Agricultural Department took place, and they moved to the village and the work of all necessary measures took place and taking samples took place from the injured['s] familiy, and its sending to the responsible laboratories -- then the Veterinary Medicine Department in Monofiya carried out, with the execution of all of the alive birds in place of the poultry and in the injured house as have worked a sterilization by kilometer distance from the injury focus.

    While a condition of the sadness and the grief inside the injured house and amid the family tears dominated, Mousa Abul Abbas Kira, the injured [Nora's] father confirmed that his daughter after she graduated in the Faculty of Information and due to her non ability on getting any government job, her father helped her with borrowing some moneys from some village peoples, for its aid in Fatah this shop as a beginning of it for the work of a project he starts it its life.

    And he pointed out that the disease beginning was since last Tuesday [Dec 25] at night where it felt the symptoms of ordinary influenza and that it confirmed to its father in that evening that it found in the morning dead poultry inside the shop and that they feel the fear, from to is the honors that suffer from the bird flu symptoms, therefore have headed voluntarily for one of the laboratories in the village, for the work of a blood analysis but they in the laboratory advised them on going to the Fever Hospital in Minuf city and there have been detained and Tlfionia [by telephone] contacted its father so that they informs it of her detention inside the hospital. And she remained one day in Minuf hospital and have been transferred to the hospital of the Abbasid fevers in Cairo.

    And Khaled, the victim brother, with the blame on the Veterinary Medicine Department in Monofiya cast, the one that to the birds except unity time carried out the work of vaccination since the beginning of the appearance of disease and when they carry out work of any vaccinations campaign they are content the moment going to one of the village mosques to asking the farmers for going to the mosque for the vaccination of birds or the livestocks without assigning themselves to going to the village houses.

    And in Damietta, the declaration of the maximum state of emergency took place after the declaration of Hanem Atwa Ibrahim's injury 50 years of a housewife from Al Ngdi's land in the Ezbet meat farm region in Damietta district by the disease, that entered the hospital of Damietta fevers one day 24 December injured by a rise in the temperature and the shortness of breath and taking samples took place from them and their sending to the central laboratories in the ministry that declared their injury by the bird flu disease after the appearance of the positivity of samples from them and have been transferred amid strict measures to Al Sadr's hospital by the Abbasid for treatment from the injury by the bird flu disease, and that for its mixture with birds injured by the virus.

    And in the same context a campaign carried out from the security, the health and the environment and the veterinary medicine and the localities the blockade of region and its cleansing -- and the campaign has resulted in a removal of 17 nests and an execution of 205 chickens and 65 ducks from the region is Walashsh neighboring the injured house and cleansing the region took place totally and putting the injured['s] family, her husband and their children who are under 7 under observation the complete for 7 days to make sure of their being free from the bird flu disease.

    From its side doctor Mohamed Fathi Al Baradie, Damietta governor, decided raising the maximum degree of the readiness for the confrontation of injury by the disease and the intensification of the health and environmental campaigns and the veterinary one in the districts and the villages and was cruel to the provision of serums and vaccines for vaccinating the house birds with the follow-up of the work of the formed committee for fighting the bird flu throughout 24 hours and the necessity of the prevention of the circulation of the poultry.

    While Salah Shehata Abousalh, husband confirmed 55 year the injured Hanem Atwa Ibrahim by the bird flu, that his wife breeds the alive poultry and increasing the traffic police stations by the doctors Al Bitirien for the examination of the cars of poultry and the ducks years ago and in the last period a death to the poultry is happening and dies and lay down them, and they warned them of the death of poultry, but they did not listen to the advice and that it did not come to us one of the veterinary medicine for the fortification, where that the region is despite that it is popular and by it slum districts nevertheless it is considered inside the city cordon, pointing out that it before her injury by two days only at us more died from 10 poultry and we were surprised in the morning a 24th [of December] the past with shiver of them and a rise in the temperature and the shortness of breath, then a doctor came to the house and said a necessary that is being transferred to Al Sadr's hospital immediately, and there taking the samples that proved her injury by the virus took place and that the region lives on the poultry breeding and its selling in the markets.
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      Re: EGYPT - 2 Egyptians Test Positive

      Google-translated from Arabic:

      In the WHO report:
      Avian influenza registered the highest rates of infection within 5 days
      Sales operations and indiscriminate slaughter in the shops continues

      Dec 29, 2007
      Written by - Hashim Abdella:

      Register bird flu highest rates of infection among humans this month after two women struck and killed another in a period of not more than 5 days in three different provinces, which confirms that the virus announced his defiance every means control and penetrated the protective barriers in the areas of increasing migration of birds in the provinces.

      The reports and statistics by the World Health Organization to learn how to implement prevention programmes in poultry in homes and farms and the assurance that the sale or circulation of birds in markets or slaughter in the shop and proved that random started again and teams fight Educational home did not have any presence The sale and slaughter of poultry in the shops appeared in all governorates for more than five months.

      Three injuries

      The report also included that injuries the last three disease emerged in less than five days, which underlines the seriousness of the virus and its ability to super-infection and injury three different sites were started in Beni Suef after the death of ailing Ola Younis then Damietta after injury citizenship ma'am Atwa and then emerged third in injury Menoufiya after exposure Ms. Nora Aboualabas Mohammed of the disease into a hospital for treatment Abbasid. This confirms that the disease has spread to all provinces and injuries household increasing.

      WHO has asked the Ministry of Health and Population speed discovery and treatment of infected cases, especially after neglect suffered by the woman died Beni Suef was transferred to the hospital in Beni Suef General has been sampling them, but she died before the advent of the analysis or the announcement of her disease because remedies are not available in hospital Assembly addition to the need to tighten controls on education and handling domestic slaughter and sale of poultry in shops and activate the resolutions of the supreme committee to combat the disease to prevent the transfer or the circulation of influenza between provinces or sold in the shops.


      It also requested the Organization vaccination and immunization of poultry and birds living in the houses and farms and to eliminate the negative aspects of education and the removal of nests home-health and lack of complacency in the implementation of legal proceedings. [<< not a permalink]
      ...when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. - Sherlock Holmes


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        Re: EGYPT - Poultry H5N1 Outbreaks in Al Minufiyah &amp; Al Qalyubia + OIE Map

        Organizaci&#243;n Mundial de la Salud (OMS) ha anunciado dos nuevos casos de gripe aviar en humanos en Egipto y otro en Pakist&#225;n. Los tres dieron positivo en los an&#225;lisis para detectar la virulenta cepa H5N1 de la infecci&#243;n. Una mujer de 50 a&#241;os, que fue hospitalizada el 24 de diciembre en Egipto se encontraba ayer en estado cr&#237;tico y otra, de 22 a&#241;os, vendedora de pollos, hospitalizada dos d&#237;as despu&#233;s, se recuperaba con cuidados intensivos. Con estos dos nuevos casos la cifra de personas afectadas por el H5N1 en Egipto se eleva a 45, de los que han muerto 16.

        En Islamabad (Pakist&#225;n) al menos una persona dio positivo en los an&#225;lisis de gripe aviar y la OMS intenta determinar si hay m&#225;s contagiados, seg&#250;n inform&#243; la OMS.

        Hasta ocho personas que inicialmente hab&#237;an dado positivo por gripe aviar en un laboratorio gubernamental de ese pa&#237;s, dieron negativo en los an&#225;lisis realizados en dos laboratorios aprobados por la OMS en Pakist&#225;n. Un equipo de esta organizaci&#243;n visit&#243; la semana pasada las zonas afectadas por la infecci&#243;n para investigar si se habr&#237;a producido transmisi&#243;n del H5N1 entre humanos despu&#233;s del supuesto contagio de cinco hermanos. Uno de ellos ha dado positivo en los an&#225;lisis y se han tomado muestras de otro, fallecido.

        This says the 22 year old victim is recuperating in intensive care.
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          Re: EGYPT - 2 Egyptians Test Positive

          See update at


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            Re: EGYPT - 2 Egyptians Test Positive

            Google-translated from Arabic:

            The emergence of new hotbeds of avian influenza in governorates .. Lady injury .. And the execution of 574 flying [birds] another Damietta
            Dec 30, 2007

            She developed new wells infected with avian influenza in Damietta and Qena were executions of large numbers of birds having proved her disease.

            Qena Abd Mansour

            Discovered the difference combat avian influenza another hotbed of new infected by bird flu in the village "Alsmasamh" Naga Hammadi [in Qena] house citizen Mahmoud Khalaf.

            269 were executed Bird and the work Mejia on the village and took samples of the resident home for analysis.

            Damietta to me Madi

            Atwa was Hanim Ibrahim 50 years homemaker assured of the land area of Ezbet meat status Damietta avian influenza disease was transported to a hospital chest starts amid strict security measures.

            The campaign Larger Directorate of Health and veterinary medicine and Security Directorate and the environment completely clear the area and conduct analyses for the affected families where campaign resulted in the elimination of 17 nests and execution of 305 birds in addition to remove nests adjacent to the house infected.

            The d / Fathi Mohamed ElBaradei Damietta governor on the need to intensify campaigns and environmental health centers and villages, stressing the need for the provision of vaccines and serums necessary and control bird shops and prevent the circulation of living birds.

            Alexandria just

            In a few days of veterinary medicine "Management poultry" in the implementation of the largest campaign to immunize poultry wealth at the level of Alexandria against avian influenza free .. He said. Farid Jafar Administrator that the campaign involving all the doctors and nursing administration and conducting immunization in residential blocks that have been divided in the work plan, adding that the process of immunization will be free.

            ...when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. - Sherlock Holmes