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Egypt - H5N1 bird flu human case count December 20, 2014 - Pick a number.....

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  • Egypt - H5N1 bird flu human case count December 20, 2014 - Pick a number.....

    I am not sure what is going on....this statement contradicts all other Ministry statements but is probably closer to the real numbers.The Ministry of Education looks like it is not shutting up either...this probably indicates a big political problem going on there as the central government apparently is losing control of the information flow.

    machine translation

    Health: the end of the peak of the spread of "bird flu" in March 2015
    Friday 12 / December / 2014 - 10:50 Print Ministry of Health
    Ministry of Health
    Salma Hisham

    Dr. Nasser Qalqiliya, the Ministry of Health to combat influenza and coronavirus adviser, said that the peak period for the spread of bird flu, began last October and ends in March.
    He Qalqiliya, during a phone call, "the voice of the people" program with the media, "Ahmed poet" and the media "have Yahya, "that there is an increase in the infection rate this year, with the number of injured reached 45 cases and 18 deaths, as a result of not getting rid of backyard birds, which is the main reason for the spread of the disease.
    The face of the Ministry of Health adviser, his advice to Moatunain- who deal directly with Taior- wear clothes especially during the handle, and cover your nose and mouth, and the separation of bird species from each other, stressing the need to wash eggs and birds settle well to ensure cleanliness and safety.


    There are many official MoH statements today that the official count is 16/8:

    many, many, more....

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    Re: Egypt - Man, 55, suspected bird flu H5N1 case - tests pending - Minya - died

    machine translation

    he death of a new case b «bird flu» Minya
    6 hours ago | wrote: Said Nafi , Teresa Kamal
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    Masry Al-Youm dialogue «Dr. Adel infection», Minister of Health
    Masry Al-Youm dialogue «Dr. Adel infection», Minister of Health
    Photograph: Mohammed Hossam El Din
    Announced that medical and security sources in Minya, on Thursday, the death of a new condition after being infected with «bird flu» to the man on the sixth of the old contract.

    Was «Ravt.r.a», 55, entered Samalot General Hospital, and who are converting to Megaga General Hospital, on suspicion of being infected with «bird flu».

    It was to take the necessary action, and put under observation, intensive care unit, were taken a blood sample from the suspect in his injury, and sent to the central laboratory in the Ministry of Health in Cairo, to make sure of his illness or not, but he died before the announcement of the result of the sample, which was sent to labs Ministry of Health.

    The Ministry of Health was announced sure injuring more than 10 cases of bird flu among the people of the province of Minya, since the disease appeared last November, the ministry said it was healing and two died 4 cases. (WHAT?!! s.s)


    I have no idea what the last paragraph is about. There have not been 10 H5N1 cases announced by any central MoH or single provincial MoH since November...apparently there is still a lot of discrepancy between the hospitals, provincial, and central MoH.


    Our case list as I am trying to get some idea of the size of the problem in Egypt:


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      Re: Egypt - H5N1 bird flu human case count December 18, 2014 - Pick a number.....

      I am doing the best I can with the emerging information gathered from reliable sources to compile a case list:

      My list is conservative. I only use hospital announcements, provincial government announcements, central government announcements - and only from proven reliable media sources.


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        Injury case No. 20 infected with bird flu

        Posted on Saturday, December 20, 2014


        Jeridh- confirmed the results of analyzes of the central Ministry of Health laboratories, Saturday, positive test results state of Sohag, and being infected with ?H1N5? bird flu.
        And appeared on the patient's symptoms, last week, after he was earlier in the dead birds at home, and is undergoing treatment Sohag Fever Hospital, and his condition is stable.
        Said Dr. Amr Kandil, head of preventive medicine sector, it is that the injury bringing the total number of infected with bird flu this year, 20 cases, including 9 cases of healing, and two cases under treatment, and 9 deaths.
        It called on the Ministry of Health and Population citizens who deal with poultry, immediately go to the nearest hospital to receive health service, in the case of the emergence of influenza symptoms, as the receiving infected with a drug ?Tamiflu? treatment during the first 24 hours of the onset of symptoms increases the cure rates of the disease, and reduces death rates.
        The ministry advised citizens who deal with poultry need to cover your mouth and nose when dealing with poultry, wash your hands with soap and water after handling birds, and not to take children to places of birds breeding or slaughter, as well as the need to separate the birds from the living quarters.