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Animal Health? denies mutation ?avian influenza? and move to cats
Monday 15 / December / 2014 - 20:25
Ahmed Mamdouh

Denied Dr. Mohammed Jalal Ajjur, head of the Institute of Health Animal, Agricultural Research Center, affiliated to the Ministry of Agriculture, the rumors about the mutated virus ?H5N1? known as bird flu, and its transmission to cats , stressing that the Institute shall periodically tracking the Gini of the virus has not been shown any change in it yet . He stressed ?Ajjur?, in particular for ?Vito? comments, that what is said about the transmission of avian influenza virus for cats unscientific, and shame completely out of health , pointing out that the Institute taking precautions to isolate strains "varieties" other virus ?H7N1? located in China and ?H9N1? and is present in Egypt so far in anticipation of the entry at any time. Ajjur He said the bird flu virus in Egypt is stable and not worrying path evidenced by the appearance of most of the foci of infection in breeding home, pointing out that the rate of infection to the deaths, which amounted to 8 deaths out 16 injured, considerable ability is not in proportion to the population in Egypt.


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