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Egypt - Conflicting Ministry of Health H5N1 case & death count for 2014: 45/18

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  • Egypt - Conflicting Ministry of Health H5N1 case & death count for 2014: 45/18

    I am not sure what is going on....this statement contradicts all other Ministry statements but is probably closer to the real numbers.The Ministry of Education looks like it is not shutting up either...this probably indicates a big political problem going on there as the central government apparently is losing control of the information flow.

    machine translation

    Health: the end of the peak of the spread of "bird flu" in March 2015
    Friday 12 / December / 2014 - 10:50 Print Ministry of Health
    Ministry of Health
    Salma Hisham

    Dr. Nasser Qalqiliya, the Ministry of Health to combat influenza and coronavirus adviser, said that the peak period for the spread of bird flu, began last October and ends in March.
    He Qalqiliya, during a phone call, "the voice of the people" program with the media, "Ahmed poet" and the media "have Yahya, "that there is an increase in the infection rate this year, with the number of injured reached 45 cases and 18 deaths, as a result of not getting rid of backyard birds, which is the main reason for the spread of the disease.
    The face of the Ministry of Health adviser, his advice to Moatunain- who deal directly with Taior- wear clothes especially during the handle, and cover your nose and mouth, and the separation of bird species from each other, stressing the need to wash eggs and birds settle well to ensure cleanliness and safety.


    There are many official MoH statements today that the official count is 16/8:

    many, many, more....