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Egypt - Man, 34, hospitalized on ventilator in Minya - 4th H5N1 case in 2014- Died

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  • Egypt - Man, 34, hospitalized on ventilator in Minya - 4th H5N1 case in 2014- Died

    hat tip to Michael Coston for the link

    machine translation

    Health: construction worker injured bird flu and queens
    6/26/2014 1:32:00 AM

    Health: construction worker injured bird flu and queens
    Ministry of Health and Population

    Cairo - (ASHA): The Ministry of Health and Population in the injury of human cases of bird flu A / H5N1 for a construction worker at the age of 34 years from the province of Minya, which is currently on a ventilator at the hospital for treatment and his health condition is stable. ministry said In a statement today, it has taken a number of preventive measures once suspected in the case, where has isolating Fever Hospital Minya and take a sample for analysis and confirmed central labs in Cairo where the result was a positive day, corresponding to 06/25/2014. was also dispatched a team of preventive medicine to Gaza domicile status queens to debate members of the family (wife, two children) and are in good condition and there they develop any symptoms and will be followed for a period of ten days. ministry added that he has been transferred the patient to the hospital released the Abbasid and was placed intensive care on a ventilator, has also been informed of the Public Authority of the Veterinary Services of the decision about the necessary investigation veterinarian for birds.


    FluTrackers 2014 H5N1 case list:

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    Re: Egypt - Man, 34, hospitalized on ventilator in Minya - 4th H5N1 case in 2014

    hat tip Michael Coston
    Egypt Reports H5N1 Case

    # 8785

    Although we saw a couple of media reports over the winter and spring on suspected H5N1 cases in Egypt ( here andhere), <strike>it has been well over a year since the last official H5N1 case was reported from Egypt</strike>. (see correction below).
    My thanks to Sharon Sanders for correcting my faulty memory by pointing out that two cases were confirmed in March, 2014. (WHO report)

    We have seen ongoing reports of outbreaks in poultry, however, and so we know the virus continues to circulate widely.

    Egypt’s Ministry of Health Website is off line (and has been the last few times I’ve tried to access it), but local media is reporting that the MOH has announced the first case since 2013.
    This English translation from MENA, the Middle East News Agency of the original Arabic report from
    Health Ministry: Man catches bird flu in Minya
    Thu, 26/06/2014 - 12:42
    The Ministry of Health and Population announced that a 34-year-old man in Minya has been inflected with the A/H5N1 virus known as bird fllu.
    It added the patient was currently on a ventilator at hospital and his condition was unstable.
    The ministry said in a statement on Wednesday evening that it has taken preventive measures once the case was suspected and isolated the patient in Minya Fever Hospital. A sample for the patient was sent to Cairo labs for analysis and his infection with bird flu was confirmed according to results.
    A team from the Preventive Medicine Sector was dispatched to the patient's residence in Minya, the statement said. His wife and children were inspected and they are in good health and have no bird flu symptoms, according to the statement. They will be reinspected after 10 days, it added.
    (Continue . . .)
    After peaking in 2011 (39 cases, 15 deaths), the number of H5N1 cases reported out of Egypt has dropped markedly, with only 4 cases (3 deaths) reported in 2013.
    When confirmed by the WHO, today’s case should bring that nation’s official total to 176 cases.
    Reporting, both by the government and by the media, has been highly constrained since the `Arab Spring’ revolution which began in 2011, and so there are concerns as to just how good the surveillance and reporting coming out of Egypt on H5N1 (and other health issues) really is.

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      Re: Egypt - Man, 34, hospitalized on ventilator in Minya - 4th H5N1 case in 2014

      EMRO has cases #14 and #15 notated here, but not #16:

      #14 Egypt - Female, 56, hospitalized in critical condition

      #15 Egypt - Child, 4, mild condition

      #16 Egypt - Female, 86, hospitalized in serious condition

      #19 Egypt - Male, 34, hospitalized on ventilator


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        Re: Egypt - Man, 34, hospitalized on ventilator in Minya - 4th H5N1 case in 2014


        New case of avian influenza A(H5N1) in Egypt
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        8 July 2014 - The Ministry of Health and Population, Egypt recently notified WHO of a new case of human infection from avian influenza A (H5N1).

        The case was a 34-year-old male, a construction worker from the Samallot district in the Menia governorate. He developed symptoms on 15 June 2014 in the form of fever, sore throat, cough and difficulty in breathing. He was admitted to hospital on 22 June 2014 after frequent visits to private physicians with no clinical improvement.

        Naso-pharyngeal specimens were positive at Menia subnational virology laboratory on 24 June 2014, which was later re-confirmed at the Central Public Health Laboratory in Cairo on 25 June 2014 by RT-PCR. The man was referred to Abbaseya Chest Hospital in Cairo on 25 June 2014 in critical condition and later died on 7 July 2014.

        Findings from initial field investigation revealed that the deceased has close contact with sick poultry in a poultry market near his house. Follow up of close contacts of this patient has not revealed any further case with influenza-like symptoms. The local authorities have implemented necessary measures to prevent any further human infection from the poultry market...