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Egypt - Infant suspected H5N1 case - tests pending - Beni Suef governorate

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  • Egypt - Infant suspected H5N1 case - tests pending - Beni Suef governorate

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    Influenza continues to hit the provinces .. The emergence of the first two suspected Balqlliopip .. And "Health Beni Suef": the case of the death of infected suspicions of bird flu .. And send a sample baby to Cairo for analysis .. Assiut and free of the disease
    Wednesday, February 5th, 2014 - 14:05


    At Beni Suef , announced Dr. Zahra Mahmoud Abdullah, director of the branch of health insurance Beni Suef, the Hospital Insurance today received a "child" did not exceed the age of 7 months, suffering from pneumonia and difficulty in breathing and high temperature, which reached to 39 C, after treatment lasted for more than 5 days in a private hospital, but his condition worsened and is brought to the Hospital Insurance and detention also isolation room, and took him to sample, were sent to central laboratories to make sure his injury as "bird flu" or not.

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    Re: Egypt - Infant suspected H5N1 case - tests pending - Beni Suef governorate

    Wednesday, February 5, 2014 23:54:43 pm
    A state of panic and anxiety seen in the province of Beni Suef after the emergence of several cases of injuries flu " H1N1 "and is known in the media as the swine flu , and the occurrence of the case and one death so far, doctors have confirmed the virus will mutate and spread of a new type of respiratory infections, has experienced seasonal influenza (swine and birds ) remarkable activity, where the girl died from a 15-year-old named Mohammed emigrated from the village of Ashment of the Center for injuries she sustained flu-Nasser Hospital in health insurance.

    The operating room, Directorate of Health has received reports of suspected infection in 4 cases have been detention hospitals issued and fevers and health insurance Beni Suef, including Hanan F Amer Sumusta, baby did not exceed seven months only circle center Delengat, which was held inside the Chest Hospital after they got the flu emerging and their condition deteriorated health, while two others Issaraan death.
    - See more at: http://translate.googleusercontent.c....TmcNyF9z.dpuf