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"Health Suez" take cautionary measures to deal with bird flu and swine

Mustafa Fathi
Saturday 01-02 - 16:33

Directorate of Health in Suez

Said Dr. Mohammad Azizi, Director of Health Affairs in Suez , warning that there is a procedure carried out by the Directorate to deal with cases of disease Banvlonz infected birds and pigs that have emerged recently.

The "Azizi" to that there are workshops conducted by the Directorate for all doctors , how to deal with cases infected with Alonflonz birds and pigs, pointing to that there is a vaccination for the medical team to the prevention of these diseases when dealing with cases.
He stressed that all the medicines and vaccines that address these diseases are available in all Msthevat conservative , denying the appearance of any cases in the province of Suez during the last period.