Iman Al-Amari
Friday 31-01 - 22:33
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Dr Mahmoud Nubian , Director of the Directorate of Veterinary Medicine in Luxor , the Directorate for the execution of 29 domestic breeding birds in three houses in the village of Maris west of Luxor , after suspicion of being infected with bird flu .

"The Nubian " In exclusive statements to " Gate News" that have been reported about the death of some birds in one of the houses in the village of Maris , and immediately was sent to the medical committee of the village has been taken it samples from these birds and found negative samples , and samples were taken from the owners of the house and found not HIV-positive , pointing out that the execution of about 29 birds in the targeted house and the neighboring houses him in anticipation of the onset of illness .

He continued, " Nubian " The province of Luxor their position seven entirely devoid of any injuries infected with avian influenza AH5N1, was not booked any suspected cases of them , appealing to all media not to create confusion , and accuracy in published news concerning the health and safety of citizens .