The article has a photo of a person dressed in hazardous material clothing with a respirator and gloves holding a chicken.

The detention of 10 cases of suspected bird flu Menuf
Thursday, January 30th, 2014 - 15:30

Monofeya Mohamed Fathy
Detained today Fever Hospital Menouf Menofia 10 cases, and that the suspected infected with bird flu, have been isolated patients inside a room of Preventive Medicine illusion,

"Abdul Rahman Saber Hached 5 years and a resident Gmaren, and praise Ahmad Sakr 55 years Kafr Daoud, and Mtoay Mahmoud Ramadan 56 years old and a resident quintiles, and Fawzia Mohammed Faraj 50 years old and a resident of Fifths, and Habib Hilal Arafa 4 years and a resident Smadun, Zainab Mustafa Mahmoud 45 years old and a resident Damishly, and Hamada Shahat Jamaluddin 25 years old and a resident of SARS Layyan, and Khadija Salah Abdul Haq, 65 years old and a resident of Ain Shams, and Hanin Mohammed Ibrahim 4 years The resident Damishly, and support Recep Shawky Abaza For his part, "has been taking a sample of patients to be sent to the central laboratory.