Pictures .. An emergency meeting to discuss the University of Mansoura combat bird flu
Ahmad Abu al-Qasim and Mr. RamySunday 26-01 - 18:33

Held Mansoura University held an emergency meeting on Sunday, headed by Dr. Mahmoud Melegy Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development with the medical committee to discuss "the role of the university in containing the virus seasonal influenza and prevent its spread in Dakahlia."

The meeting addressed a number of themes the most important diagnosis of the current situation and the measures taken by the Ministry of Health to contain the crisis, and the vision of the audience to the nature of the virus of bird flu, as well as how to address them at the level of poultry.
has also been an open debate about the role of the university in how to contain the crisis and the procedures that will be followed in this regard, and in the field documenting the proceedings of the meeting and the ways to implement the recommendations urgently , was to make sure the discussions and follow-up health status of the cases that there is no human cases in Dakahlia Governorate, whether seasonal flu or virus Corona.
assured the audience that the virus seasonal influenza is a virus seasonal and Normal, and it is weak where it can be easily remedied, and that the vaccines for the prevention of it available at the Ministry of Health and the Faculty of Medicine Department of Microbiology, as well as General Hospital and methods of prevention of seasonal influenza are normal roads associated with personal hygiene and washing hands with disinfectant good with the renewal of air space and exposure to sunlight.
has also been agreed to launch awareness campaigns for workers health facilities and civil society through awareness lectures The videos, posters, and processing place uniform isolate University Hospital for situations that may appear so that the team Preventive Medicine Chest Physicians, doctors infection control the possibility of dealing with patients and in cooperation with the Directorate of Health in Dakahlia.
as Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health need to dispatch a trained person to take the sample immediately after contact Dr. Magdy Hegazy, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health when there are suspected cases on the number 01001017293 and provide the quantities required from the health of the drug "Tami flu", with the provision of respirators and masks and provide a number (300) vaccine for influenza vaccination of members of the medical team, the university and especially dealing with suspected cases.
As pointed out by Dr. Mohammed Abul-Ela, head Almaekeroubeyolojy Faculty of Medicine, to the need to abide by dividing the patients come to the hospital for treatment, according to the definition of their sections on three probable cases, and by signs of satisfying the most important high temperature for more than 5 and 38 degrees and do not respond to reducers with shortness of breath and showing no signs of the scans.
explained that this will be the report of a plan to treat with giving instructions to their continued presence in the house and suspected cases, and by signs of harm as previously but showed radiation own some positive signals, and these are booked in hospital and take swabs and samples of them for testing them with start treatment with a drug "Tamiflu" for a period of at least five days.
this as well as the confirmed cases, which are cases in which analysis has confirmed labs central Ministry of Health and the coefficient "Alnmarw" she had seasonal flu, and this is complemented treated for 10 days with the work of investigation necessary to Mkhaltin the hospital and at home and commitment procedures of infection control and methods of anti-pollution.
committee included in its membership, Dr. Magdi Hijazi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health in Dakahlia, and Dr. Mohammed Iron agent Faculty of Medicine of Environmental Affairs, and Dr. Kamel Abu torque, head of poultry, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, and Dr. Abdul Hadi Al Jilani Head of the Department of Health general community medicine, and Dr. Mohamed Khairi, head of respiratory diseases, and Dr. Nasreen Salah, head of the Infection Control Unit, and Dr. Amina Tiger Agent College of Nursing, and Dr. Mohammed Sapphire hospital director Batinah Specialist, Dr. Ahmed Mansour Director of Children's Hospital, and Dr. Mohammed infection Director of the University Press, and Dr. Amr Abdel Fattah, head of joint diseases, and Ihab El-Sherbini director of the Office of the Vice President for Environmental Affairs.