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Egypt - Poultry farm fire in Minya governorate

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  • Egypt - Poultry farm fire in Minya governorate

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    A chick mortality in a poultry farm fire 15 queens
    Monday, March 25, 2013 - 09:43

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    Minya - Hassan Abdel Ghaffar

    Broke conflagration in a poultry farm center Abukerkas, which led to the death of large numbers of chicks, age one day, and the burning of 150 vase of water, and 150 vase feed, and liberated the record required for the incident. was Major General Ahmed Suleiman Security Director Minya, has received notification Monday , of Sheriff Center Abukerkas, stating outbreak conflagration in a poultry farm, King Ismail Mohammed, and leased to someone named "as Mohsen .24 Year", has resulted in fire deaths 15 thousand chick, age 12 days, and the burning of the wooden ceiling of the farm, and 150 pot watering , 150 vase feed and 3 tons feed. moved immediately civil defense forces, which were able to control the fire before spreading to neighboring farms and power cables, and asking a tenant farm confirmed that he did not know anything about the cause of the fire, and did not accuse anyone of causing it, and estimated value damages in the amount of 100 thousand pounds, the reservation has been on the scene of the fire, and the most serious criminal lab and commissioned CID conducted investigations on the incident, and frees her record No. 1569 for the year 2013 Administrative center Abukerka.