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Egypt - Woman, 53, hospitalized, MOH confirmed bird flu H5N1 case - Gharbia Governorate

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  • Egypt - Woman, 53, hospitalized, MOH confirmed bird flu H5N1 case - Gharbia Governorate

    This is from November 30 - 10 days ago....

    machine translation -

    Bird flu, a woman and holding her in the hospital Mahalla al-
    Wednesday, November 30, 2011
    - 15:52

    Picture of archival
    Western India, and just dug just

    In the emergence of a new avian influenza, held hospital was Mahala woman infected with the disease, after the result of the samples confirmed positive becoming ill. and held the hospital a woman named "Nadia. t. p" (53 years), a housewife, to her a very high temperature and suffering from pneumonia and suspected of being infected with bird flu, blood sample and swab throat of the patient and sent to labs central to the extent of her illness or not. and confirmed as a result of the samples positive injury sick with bird flu, have been isolated places allocated to it and give the drug "Altimovlo." It has also Directorate of Health to take samples from contacts of the patient to the extent of transmission of infection to them or not

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    Re: Egypt - Woman, 53, hospitalized bird flu H5N1 - Gharbia Governorate

    This report indicates that she was confirmed H5N1 positive.

    ousewife injured bird flu Mahala
    Bank - Ahmed Abu Shanab
    30-11-2011 | 15:30 175

    Picture of archival
    Dr. Ali witness, the Director General of the Department of Preventive Medicine Department of Health Gharbia, that the laboratory tests the central Ministry of Health, confirmed that a housewife in a village center of Mahalla al-Kubra bird flu, and that was to take the necessary preventive measures, and isolation of sick hospital was the camp for treatment. were housewife home of Nadia Fouda (53 years) has suffered a sharp rise in temperature, and a persistent cough, and pain of joints, the most important symptoms of bird flu. and was immediately transported to a hospital in Sadr Mahalla and took Aanna blood and swab throat, and sent to the Ministry of Health; the extent of her illness or not, where tests confirmed positive sample.