April 10, 2015
Ended the Ministry of Health plan to combat summer diseases, which aims to reduce the incidence of disease, which is transmitted by food, drink or insects, as well as early detection of cases of infectious diseases and handled to prevent any outbreak of epidemic them.

Five strategies for disease monitoring And include the Ministry of Health plan to combat summer diseases 5 strategies represented in disease monitoring and early detection of cases of summer diseases and environmental sanitation, as well as the establishment of surveillance positive testing water samples and sanitation related risk governorates areas system, to predict the occurrence of outbreaks of epidemic as well as health education and community participation.

The plan Ministry of Health to combat diseases summer create an operations room of the emergency prevention and governorates, in addition to providing emergency medicines sufficient quantity and quality, to face the occurrence of any emergency cases or outbreaks of epidemic, as well as to ensure the provision of all the possibilities for private hospitals medicines and necessary solutions and disinfectants diets, to meet any unforeseen circumstances with the need to intensify the process of examination of cases of diarrhea public hospitals and health units, and the willingness of regional laboratories with respect to supplies and examination of samples.

Tighten controls on food and beverages Included Ministry of Health plan to combat summer diseases in the field of environmental sanitation necessity, tighten controls on food, beverages and drinking water, the candidate, in addition to control sewage operations to prevent any environmental pollution caused by the mixing of sewage drinking water, food, water, and through traffic to intensify the purification of sewage and observance of hygiene and disposal of garbage and combat, flies, insects and disease vectors stations. and drafted the Ministry of Health plan to combat summer diseases a series of controls to reduce the expected outbreak, such as hepatitis disease, gastroenteritis and typhoid fever diseases, and came controls disease monitoring and early detection of cases Summer diseases, and to take the necessary measures to prevent the spread of the disease within any province. Positives active monitoring to check water samples And Bancot ministry monitoring system positive active to check the water and sewage samples areas of risk in the governorates to predict the occurrence of an outbreak of patients, early detection of infectious diseases and deal with it immediately to prevent any pandemic. , and will be under the plan to monitor these diseases and recorded by external or internal departments clinics in hospitals with inform the central preventive room public administration, the fight against infectious diseases instant as in case of any increase in nature and epidemic immediately and deal with these cases.

The channel, "my health," the Ministry of Health will work to educate healthy continuously to the public to raise awareness not to eat foods campaigns contaminated or stored badly or gathered by insects, even contribute to the Non-Proliferation of summer diseases among citizens.