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Medical convoys to treat three thousand cases Gamasa Center Dakahlia Monday, December 15, 2014 - 16:38 Engineer Omar Ahawadfy Dakahlia governor (MENA) Eng Omar Ahawadfy, Dakahlia governor, that the Department of Health to maintain organized three medical convoys villages of Abu Nur al-Din, and Sbkhaoah Gamasa Center. The governor said At a press statement Day-The number of beneficiaries of the convoy reached in 2938 the case was turned 53 cases of them to public hospitals , was the work of 9 reports to extract the decision to treat at the expense of the state, as was the work of seminars health education for patients benefited in 2050 patients. He added that the caravan is part of an integrated program designed to provide health and medical care and increase awareness of educational citizens villages and hamlets, and remote areas, the Department of the province.