Interesting because Shargia officials have not announced any H5N1 cases.

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Eastern Health: we provided "Tamiflu" in all hospitals to cope with bird flu Wednesday, November 19th, 2014 - 7:05 Tamiflu East - Iman Muhanna Dr Ahmad Fawzi, Director of Preventive Sharqia Medicine, said, "It's been taking preventive measures to curb bird flu in the case of his appearance," asserting that the drug "Tamiflu" is available in hospitals to handle speed in the case of the emergence of any case infected, and also room for insulation, has been prepared for the same purpose. The "MFE" in a special statement, that he was forming operations room at the Diwan of the Directorate for the speed to deal with any situation proves positive own analyzes, and provide the necessary treatment even have similar healing, and that neighbor organizing a number of lectures and seminars to raise awareness against generally viral diseases in school