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Egypt - Law to protect consumers and industry from bird flu H5N1 in poultry is not enforced since 2009

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  • Egypt - Law to protect consumers and industry from bird flu H5N1 in poultry is not enforced since 2009

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    Surprise .. a law that protects Egypt from bird flu since 2009 disabled .. 60% of the poultry farms are not licensed .. and massacres official covers about 45% of production .. and is still continuing risk
    Tuesday, February 25th, 2014 - 10:17
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    Wrote verse Nabil
    Quoting daily ..
    ?is strictly prohibited the sale or trading of birds or poultry only after slaughter in massacres licensed by the Ministry of Agriculture?. This is the basic rule about which revolves around the law 70 for the year 2009 your trading and sale of poultry in Egypt, which was released then to fight the spread of avian influenza and trapping of the disease, where it starts not to breeding birds, but in places licensed and prevent the slaughter, but the massacres which bespoke the Ministry of Agriculture as well as taking the law in the rest of the articles of the right of the General Authority for medical services in the execution of any focus Mahal injury, as well as to determine the fines, which start from A Up to 10 thousand pounds, and the closure of places unlicensed slaughter for up to 3 months and the confiscation of birds for the Ministry of Agriculture.

    This is the rule of law, which has remained a dead letter, after he showed fact that implementation is impossible, and it became clear from experience that there are imperatives and objective factors No law can be effective without it, and this is what undisclosed investigation next. in 2010, awoke investors poultry from their young to their elders on the issuance of the executive regulations of the law and eliminate prevention immediate trading or sale of live poultry in each of the ?Cairo and Giza, 6th of October and Alexandria? only if they are accompanied by a statement of the General Authority for Veterinary Services to prove that they are free from avian influenza and meet these shops with the requirements of health education, to be given the list for a year as a period of transition for shops poultry farms to legalize their status, and build the necessary massacres fulfilled the requirements and licenses. was all this art the ministerial group urgent formed in this period to cope with the influenza virus, and save the revolution poultry that up to 780 million chicks annually, at the time, the world was turned upside down, and objected to shop owners who saw that the slaughter at the slaughterhouse does not fit the nature of the Egyptian consumers who ?want to see all Chick nature ?- as someone said - also protested ranchers who have declared for the decline in the number of licensed slaughterhouses compared to the size of production, which means the execution of more than a million chicks per day, as well as the inability to create a private massacres slaughter, which prompted a number of investors on the other side of the turnout on the establishment of the massacres in particular, especially as the ?market need that? - as they say - and between this and that rushed governmental bodies to go down to the shops and farms unlicensed and culling where if the uncertainty in which the injury. today after 4 years on the issuance of Law 70 and under return spread foci of infection with influenza among birds, did not disappear chaotic scene,

    which reveals that the law was just ink on paper, birds live still sold in stores, and 60% of the poultry farms are not licensed, according to the report of the General Authority for services veterinary, and massacres licensed still much lower than the proportion of production, Valmugod covers only 46% only of the size of the actual production of broilers,

    which revealed the Study Center for Information and Decision of the Council of Ministers in 2013, which pointed out that Egypt needs to create 33 abattoirs new to cover the governorates of the republic, which is what needs to cost up to 582 million pounds, while the Salt him himself from the private sector create the slaughterhouse special In the absence of implementation of the law, and thus the lack of commitment ranchers to slaughter at abattoirs, turned massacres own to ruins, its Off and funds waste, and the owners on the verge of meters away from the prison. yet no step implementation of the Ministries of Agriculture in successive governments since the promulgation of the law, which is the first responsible for the implementation of the law, thrown to the intention of applying it to the ground, and only did the implementation of some fines unusual places licensed, and other executions in spots domestic breeding, and with each time excite the media topic of bird flu after the emergence of cases infected with seasonal flu ends down wave excitation Thread ?to return Rima to their old habits? again. few days ago announced that the General Authority for Veterinary Services for the discovery of the virus influenza among poultry in three new sites, to add to the 16 focus announced in its report last month, which is saying that the injury dating back to the ?lax procedures for the protection of agricultural land, and the increasing waste establish poultry farms in the land, especially the Delta and the Nile Valley, especially in the provinces of Monofeya Western and Dakahlia, Giza and Beni Suef and Fayoum ?. The discovery of the body of the foci of infected dependent where the teams poll called Alkaho spread between poultry farms, followed by the veterinarians Authority execution of infected birds and in its environs, and thus the ability to contain the spread of the virus, strange that this role is limited to 40% only from poultry farms in Egypt, where working farms remaining ?60% of the farms? without a license, and therefore without examination or immunization. Dr. Fathi Nawawy, a professor of health control on meat and meat products, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Cairo University, is considered to poultry farmers, whether homemade or shop or farm , which works without a license, will not stop him one if he slaughtered birds as soon as the show symptoms and sold quickly in the form of frozen, saying: ?then have the virus in every part of the meat, and thus of the intake or deal with him moving to the virus on the spot, and here is not We can curb the spread of the virus ?. Nawawy explained that the slaughter of birds in slaughterhouses licensed according to the law means vaccinated as soon as their presence in the farm, as well as the examination during the breeding and before and after slaughter as well, which does not protect against bird flu, but also from many of the epidemics that afflict birds and transmitted to humans as well, albeit less serious than seasonal flu. even massacres licensed according to Nawawi is not without problems, which is considered the most important of which is the appointment of the owner of the slaughterhouse for veterinarians to know him, and not on the one hand the General Authority for Veterinary Services, which which leads to a ?conflict of interests? - he said - and adds: ?bird flu it became the antivirus announced by the World Health Organization Kmosmeh, and this means that the immunization seasonal indispensable starting from 2010 after the announcement, and because the virus moved to humans already should expect the emergence of new strains of it every year to mutate inside an infected bird or human, who declares him the World Health Organization in March in order to preparing pharmaceutical companies to produce a vaccine faces new strain, and be ready at the beginning of winter birds barricaded ?. Here, according to Nawawi, comes the role of the Ministry of Agriculture to purchase these vaccines and vaccination of birds at the beginning of the winter season against the strain of influenza commonly, saying: ?This may occur in licensed premises, which is located under the supervision of the ministry and the Directorates of Veterinary Medicine and Veterinary Services Authority, but the crisis in the farms is Licensed and education at home and shops that sell live birds or you are the slaughter, and not in the massacres licensed, and this all is not logical after 4 years of the law to remain in the work as it is without the intervention of the organs concerned to stop ?. In a related context, the ?Mahmoud. N ?, the owner of a shop selling poultry area Urban Giza, defended his activity that the customer Egyptian preferred to slaughter poultry before buying directly, and that requiring the law to slaughter at abattoirs may benefit the owners of the farm, but is as an entrepreneur small shop, as described, the law for him to ruin Diar, which is detrimental to thousands of small-business owners like him. Mahmoud explained that he pays for employees to overlook the lack of legal activity, which is the same thing you do is farm unlicensed, as indicated by Atef El Kady, the owner of the abattoir particular, explaining that the massacre, which turned into a ruin was supposed to receive half a million chicks annually, according to the feasibility study prepared by the prior establishment of a slaughterhouse, a number that is not enough for slaughter at abattoirs government, but the farmer ?Tstsel? and sells poultry live for retailers, ignoring the law or its implementing regulations, which led to stop work in the massacre of one month after the construction of the absence of poultry, adding: ?If you want to run the slaughterhouse again should I buy poultry, which is not as I can to the lack of liquidity of the material and the large number of debts on, and that may lead me to jail?. Irregularities over the four previous years were not confined to the law or its implementing regulations only but extended even to decisions issued in its wake, such as issued by the Board of Governors in its 17th month of July 2009, converting shops selling birds to Activity poultry refrigerated or frozen and help them to change activity, and the decision of the Minister of Agriculture No. 1002 of 2009, the closure of all poultry farms unlicensed after the end of the production cycle current and Governors authorized to take the necessary measures to implement this with the possibility of changing the activity and give priority to these farms in the allocation of land in desert areas to establish the same activity in the new scheme. Dr. Salwa Shoukry, head of the Association of Heliopolis for Consumer Protection, explained that the law has not been activated only a few months after its approval, then stopped and returned to life as they are either in the backyard or shops or farms unlicensed, pointing out that the potential consumer protection associations are limited to raising awareness among workers in all of this to maintain personal hygiene and wear protective clothing and decontamination after handling birds. Shoukry explained that the association is able to prevent these shops from work or stop home education, but they are the weakest of faith, an inspection on them and monitor their own mistakes and guide them to correct it, noting that highlighted the irregularities found in the shops, for example, in getting rid of waste in the sewage, lack of clean places that are slaughtering them, noting that the most interaction with changing behaviors are breeders of birds in the house, explained that they realized that the virus affects their personal safety and those around them. ended Shoukry her that addressing the violators of the law if you do not come from officials must come from the consumer, who must choose a good shop that buys including poultry, and that takes into account the steps of health to eliminate any microbes in it, the beginning of wear Jaondy, and soak the chicken in water and vinegar , and the quality of Swiss chard, and ensure the absence of any traces of blood in it. 2006 March .. The appearance of the first case of bird flu in Egypt. 2008 January .. Committee decides the execution of all the birds and farm waste, which proves infected with the disease and prevent home education and closing the farm is licensed to import 25 million doses of vaccine for bird flu for one million euros, while The Ministry of Local Development for its inability to implement the Law on Prevention of breeding birds and poultry in cities. WHO declares that Egypt occupies third place globally in the mortality rates of bird flu. February .. Committee decided to vaccinate the birds free houses and the provision of vaccines paid Ramzy farms, and the Ministry of Environment launches advertising campaign and awareness about the virus and vaccinated poultry at a cost of 70 million pounds, and researchers the National Research Center announce the production of serum sweetened to combat bird flu. March .. Committee declares Egypt took control of the spread of the virus. the report of the General Authority for Veterinary Services reveals the government's mistakes in dealing with immunization and storage of vaccines. April .. Committee announces the allocation of 188 million pounds to face the virus, and veterinary services reveal the shortage of vaccine, and the failure to provide only 36 million pounds. WHO criticizes the method of work of the Committee of Egyptian nationalism to combat the spread of the virus. December . . Committee put its plan to cope with the virus to begin in awareness programs and activate the role of the pioneers to set up 14 million home visits, and holding training courses for doctors and veterinarians. 2009 May .. Committee demanding an increase strategic reserves of Tamiflu from 2.5 million to 4.8 million doses. August .. Bank management Islamic Development agree to grant Egypt a loan of 10 million dollars to support its efforts in the fight against bird flu. December .. Higher Committee decides to fight bird flu in some provinces by imams and priests in churches. 2010 March .. Committee carry ?backyard? responsibility the spread of avian influenza and to reverse the 85%. July .. Committee announces the inability to implement the Act 70 of 2009 for lack of massacres of birds, and they are working on the plug end of 2010. September .. Higher Committee announces the infinite places poultry is safe and in the middle of the blocks population to choose alternative places her and device-use planning, land the state will identify new sites. December .. activating a plan to support the consumption of frozen poultry instead of living for the implementation of Law 70 of 2009, and the announcement of a new plan in 2011, and was cut off after the revolution, any movements of the Commission.