Nigerian malaria student dies in detention in Beni Suef fever hospital

October 2, 2019

Nigerian student died at a private university in Beni Suef last Tuesday inside a fever hospital in the governorate on Tuesday evening, hours after he was arrested inside him suffering from type 2 malaria.

Beni Suef fever hospital received the student after diagnosed with high fever and tremor in the body after being transferred from a private medical centers in the governorate and examined the student and conduct the necessary medical tests and found that he had malaria of the second type and was immediately detained inside the hospital

The Department of Preventive Medicine in the Directorate of Health under the supervision of Dr. Omnia Abu Jabal, the director of the department took all the procedures followed, and a medical team from the department went to the place of study of the student at the university was cleaned hair and workshops of his residence, was transferred 18 students with the same nationality

In response to a question from the patient, he found that he did not complete the treatment of the disease and came to Egypt to attend the study at a private university in Beni Suef surprised to return the disease to him again. Ash was diagnosed with typhoid and decided to refer him to the fever of Beni Suef Hospital and then found medical tests infected with malaria type II, and the body of the student was transferred to the morgue of Beni Suef. Public Hospital.