Video .. Director of Aswan fevers: any traveler entering the country is checked by the quarantine team

Friday, 27 July 2018 06:00 p

Dr. Nader Mahrous, Director of Aswan Fever Hospital for "Day 7" that the outpatient clinic in the morning receive all cases of high temperatures and cases of fevers and cases of infectious diseases.
The Liver Hospital has a 24-hour reception center and a liver cancer treatment center to treat acute cases of C virus and its compatibility with treatment. The liver, digestive system, fever section and infectious diseases department have a section for isolation, meaning all infectious diseases.
Dr. Nader Mahrous, director of Aswan Fever Hospital, said that Aswan Governorate is the southern gate of the Arab Republic of Egypt and overlooks the African countries and the endemic diseases and many infectious diseases and any passenger entering the country through the airport or through the port is handled by quarantine team and any suspected case In which it is infected with any infectious disease transferred to the isolation section of the hospital diets and all necessary analyzes are conducted and do not allow access to any case of the country suspected of infectious diseases, unless it is fully confirmed from the recovery of the patient from the disease, stomach or free of the disease or not suffering from any disease.
Dr. Nader Mahrous, Director of Aswan Fever Hospital, said that there is a digestive system in the Aswan Fever Hospital, which includes endoscopy and upper endoscopy, including diagnostic binoculars and therapeutic endoscopes, as well as a laboratory that performs all bacterial and viral analyzes and performs analyzes of swine flu viruses and birds. Fever is a renal dialysis unit that is concerned with kidney failure patients infected with C and B virus.