Minister of Health on dengue fever: "Undeveloped, non-infectious and simple symptoms"

Monday, 02 October 2017 01:01 PM
[COLOR=#666666 !important]Dr. Ahmed Emad Minister of Health

[COLOR=#DF2829 !important]Waleed Abdel Salam filmed Mahmoud Fakhry

Dr. Ahmed Emad, Minister of Health and accompanied by Major General Kamal Al-Daly, Governor of Giza, visited the medical center in Al-Barajil, one of the hospitals of Al-Takamol in Giza Governorate after being developed to become the largest medical center for motherhood, childhood, women and obstetrics in the governorate.
The Minister of Health and Population said on the sidelines of his visit to Brajil Health Center that the integration hospitals will not be sold at all. 48 hospitals will be transferred to maternity, childhood, women and obstetric centers, stressing that the integration units will be completed within 45 days.

In response to a question on the seventh day on the spread of dengue fever, he stressed that control of the mosquitoes of Egypt, causing the transmission of the disease, stressing that it is not fatal or prepared and treated quickly and fear of him at all.

He added that the ministry is conducting continuous development of health units in the provinces, especially basic care units.