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Egypt - 4 year old died in Nasr City, Cairo governorate, parents holding children out of school - March 30, 2017

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  • Egypt - 4 year old died in Nasr City, Cairo governorate, parents holding children out of school - March 30, 2017

    After the tragedy of Shubra || "Mysterious virus" reap the spirit of the girl, "Jana" and raises the horror of parents in Nasr City and drives them to prevent their children from going to school .. and education source confirms the incident!

    After the tragedy of Shubra || "Mysterious virus" reap the spirit of the girl, "Jana" and raises the horror of parents in Nasr City and drives them to prevent their children from going to school .. and education source confirms the incident!

    Samar Ten-Year
    A state of terror and panic among the parents of Nasr City students, following the circulation of information, claims that the virus mysterious has spread among the schools of Nasr City, especially after the spread of news stating the relevance of the virus that caused the deaths of three others injured, Shubra Al Khaimah Qalyoubia. Official sources reveal a surprise

    Sources in the Office of the Ministry of Education has revealed that the hot line of the ministry received a complaint from the parents of the Lighthouse School Private School to "Heliopolis" of the Department of Nasr City Educational confirms the death of a student of the fourth grade of primary school called "Jana".

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    Egypt: Media reports of 11 cases of "undiagnosed virus", 3 children died - March 15, 2017 - WHO onsite and MoH denies pandemic

  • sharon sanders
    I believe this is an additional child in Cairo. He is in 1st grade and is probably about 6 years old.
    fifth Yousef..aldhah for "mysterious virus" on the cusp of slow death (Photos)

    Monday, 03 / April / 2017 - 17:01

    Was playing and being suddenly became breathing Besabh and his heart stopped, he fell unconscious center of the courtyard of his school, rushed to his teachers and took him to a hospital next door, to remain sits inside the intensive care room in a coma, expected to save him from his death slow, this is the case of child Youssef Mahmoud.

    The beginning of the injury, "Yusuf" virus
    Yousef Mahmoud Taha, a child in the first grade preparatory school at Zoser prep gardens dome, wounded on 21 March while he was in his school, and since then he has been in intensive care room in the Nile Valley Hospital so far, doctors said -hsp modern Aldh- that injured a viral infection resulting in heart muscle relaxant and a shortage of oxygen to the brain resulting in entering into a coma, but did not know what this virus is not the way to treat.

    Yousef child Hadi foul, loved by everyone, superior academically and mathematically, he was among the outstanding students at the primary stage, the player regularly shoots union ball 2004 team, and he kept the two parts of the Koran, and his body athlete does not suffer from any diseases.

    Message and the father of the child's "Sisi"
    Yelling Mahmoud, father of Joseph, President Abdel Fattah Sisi and the Minister of Health, Dr. Ahmed Imad imploring the people of Egypt and doctors abroad to save Joseph from death either treatment in Egypt or abroad, urging the treatment of "Joseph" on health insurance or state expense account after it spent all their possessions on the treatment for two weeks Just.

    Journey treatment of the mysterious virus
    The child's father, in his speech, "Dawn", the hospital asked antibiotic doses for "Joseph" cost per single dose 14 thousand pounds, explaining that he had been four doses of 55 thousand pounds in exchange other than the rest of the high costs, which amounted to 90 thousand pounds for being in intensive care, saying: "We spent all who shine in those who neither treated Joseph in the hospital, Omc weeks are able to pay Tani, I wish the president and the state will help us treat it, rather than slow death who is Ehna Aychenh."

    The father of Yusuf said: "The doctors mesh, knowing already Er who Taab my son or what the virus mysterious Elly injury de .. I wish the Ministry of Health reveal a mysterious virus Ahan people thing for taking mind, Joseph my son two weeks grocery in the hospital and unfortunately Mafeesh improved."

    She completed, saying: "My son gets Khayef Jana who died in the school of the lighthouse, because of an unknown virus, and kissed her children who died in Shubra because of being infected with Gaamad..hd Elhgueni and save my son from death."

    On March 15, he began to talk about the mysterious virus that swept Kulaiaboubih province, and caused the deaths of three people, and spread terror throughout all the provinces, did not reach the Ministry of Health today revealed the fact that the virus.

    Since the four-day student "Jana Ahmed" in the fourth grade of primary school at Lighthouse School B "Hiluobuls" after suffering from an unknown virus amid the ambiguity of the school and the Ministry of Health Department about the reality of the mysterious virus died.

    Denied the Ministry of Health
    For his part, he denied the official spokesman for the Ministry of Health Khalid Mujahid emergence of a new kind of mysterious viruses in Cairo kills children, saying: "Mafeesh need name virus does not need its name vague and subject de ended and did not come out of two families from Shubra tent and all speak to Petrdd about rumors of an outbreak mysterious virus is not true. "

    He said in a telephone interview on MBC Egypt Channel: "Our work all analyzes and samples and all negative results came the problem and the 17 medical professor and representatives from the UN World Health Organization and the experts in the field of the epidemic asked for further analysis and all were negative and can Fadel Lena poison and analysis, God willing, the aspiration promising and de individual located within the family and did not come out of them and all who frequented daily for children infected mysterious virus is incorrect

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  • sharon sanders
    Student "earned" a new victim of the "mysterious virus" and the fact that schools now spread Nasr ..omsdr an important city confirms this incident

    [COLOR=#999999 !important]Last Updated: March 31, 2017 - 18:32seno[/COLOR]

    The existence of a state of terror and new Azaar today between the parents of students schools in Nasr City after the spread of information says that the mysterious virus that Ancservy recently in Shubra came and arrived schools Nasr City and parents are very afraid to their children, and they prevented them to go to school this after the cause of the virus mysterious frightening in the deaths of more than three children and wounding many school students in Shoubra Al Khaimah Qaliubiya province.

    Official sources revealed today, a surprise

    Has revealed today the source of the Bureau General of the Ministry of Education by calling the hotline that the ministry today received a new complaint from one of the parents of students at a school, "Lighthouse School", a private school and not a government in "Heliopolis", a subsidiary also for the Department of Education in Nasr City news is that the news of the death of a new student confirmation because of this virus, a fourth grade and the name "Jana".

    Death details of the student Jana

    The total parents of the students of the school are many and frequent Bostagathat daily them on social networking sites such as "Facebook", where the student is called "Jana" It's temperature rose significantly on Thursday and vomiting continuously in a way and show extreme fatigue them in the school where one of the school administration contact immediately phone call her father and when the arrival of her father to the school was entered student Jana in the case of maximum syncope and was then transferred to a nearby school hospital and then moved to the mercy of God on Monday .oovad one of the parents of the things that so far not know the cause of death What is the real cause of the death of the student Jana if either because of the mysterious dangerous virus, which has spread recent days in Shoubra died than children and injured two other either the cause of the last new virus Avtien that some parents of students may Ngabo their children go to school to be accessed and the knowledge of the truth The cause of death of Jana and insisted that they tried to communicate with many educational director of the Directorate in Nasr city times or the school principal, but not one of them responds to this is more scary

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