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Egypt - Apparent widespread resurgence of poultry slaughtered in shops and streets - officials warn on safety - April 9, 2020

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  • Egypt - Apparent widespread resurgence of poultry slaughtered in shops and streets - officials warn on safety - April 9, 2020

    The disaster of slaughtering birds is repeated daily in chicken stores in Qena .. The picture does not lie pollution ? pollution .. Random shops spread threatening the lives of the population with an outbreak of corona .. and the people: we suffer the two things .. and veterinary medicine: we warn against buying at the present time

    Thursday, April 09, 2020 11:48 AM

    The proliferation of chicken stores in Qena Governorate, without supervision or campaigns to address this phenomenon, threatens a real catastrophe especially in light of the spread of diseases and epidemics that spread in the world, and with the increasing intensity of new Corona virus infections, these shops became a focus for the spread and transmission of diseases and epidemics, in light of the scenes that The random slaughtering process carried out by the owners of these stores mixes .
    The scenes of the shops that spread in Qena Governorate, reveal the size of the negligence that occurs as a result of slaughtering with non-sterile tools, blood mixing with land ash, the spread of flies and mosquitoes in these stores, and its lack of several factors, the most important of which is the personal hygiene of the trays in which the chicks are placed before selling them, and the process of slaughter that takes place in the pools Of blood, and gathered to the cats that spread to eat some of the waste of workers in those stores .
    Chicken stores in Qena Governorate, spread in several special places in villages and hamlets, and lack the labor in which to carry health certificates, in the process of slaughtering takes place every day without there being a special fact that the slaughtering process is unsafe and characterized by risks in the process of transporting microbes and epidemics, especially that the most important An environment in which microbes live and grow is the "blood" that mixes everything until the water used in the cleaning process is changed only at the end of the day .
    Law No. 70 of 2009 decided to prohibit the circulation of live poultry and their slaughter in stores, but this law has not been done in all governorates of the republic, and poultry shops commit many violations related to the process of slaughtering and cleaning, and there is no oversight and weaker safety measures for them that are not applied in these stores and workers in those stores do not Wearing sterile protective clothing when performing the slaughtering process, they do not use a medical glove and pose a great risk in light of the outbreak of the new Corna virus .
    The Qus, Dishna, Apucht centers, and the Jamil Street market area in the center of Qena are the most places that witness the slaughter of birds outside slaughterhouses, due to the weak control over shop owners, which causes the spread of diseases and unpleasant odors, besides that these shops mingle with and adjacent to residential homes and threaten the lives of citizens in Under the method used in the process of slaughtering and spreading blood incubating viruses .
    Muhammad Shalaby, who works as a teacher, says: I live in the Al-Sa'idah area and behind the Deshna Center in the north of Qena governorate. We suffer the two things, due to the widespread slaughter of birds in the city streets. By car transported randomly, it is possible that these poultry carry diseases and viruses because they are not subject to tests to ensure that they do not carry viruses before they are sold to poultry slaughterhouses .
    Mahmoud Sayed Sabih said in a supermarket: A local is adjacent to the chicken store, and I find suffering from the scent spread every day due to the slaughter of chicks, and cats find you surrounded from everywhere because of the litter that falls on the ground, and most of the chicks should go out under veterinary supervision, but most farms are aimed at selling only as well. owners of slaughter shops Lafrah for the life of the citizen not care .
    For his part, Dr. Ayman Abdullah, General Director of Veterinary Medicine in Qena, said that the process of handling and selling birds in stores is violated according to the law and the citizen is the victim because supposedly chicks do not leave the farm without obtaining a permit from the General Authority for Veterinary Services after the national laboratory examination of the veterinary control On poultry production, and it is proven that it is free of bird flu, and this is not the case, and with the spread of the "Corona" virus, we do not advise citizens to buy chickens that are slaughtered in stores, and it is required to buy frozen chicks because they are slaughtered in a peaceful manner. Government before it was slaughtered .