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Egypt - MoA declares "extreme alert" offering foot & mouth and Rift Valley fever vaccines for free - February 5, 2019

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  • Egypt - MoA declares "extreme alert" offering foot & mouth and Rift Valley fever vaccines for free - February 5, 2019

    Details of the plan "Agriculture" to contain foot-and-mouth disease .. 27 Directorate of Veterinary Medicine announces the state of alert .. Mona Mehrez: The campaign continues for March 15 at the level of the Republic .. Hotline to receive inquiries .. And deterrent penalties against violators

    Tuesday, 05 February 2019 10:00 p

    The Ministry of Agriculture, represented by the Central Administration of Preventive Medicine, the General Authority for Veterinary Services and 27 Veterinary Medicine Directorate in the governorates of the Republic raised the state of extreme alert, with the start of the national campaign against foot-and-mouth disease and Rift Valley, and the newly discovered "Sat 2" , To continue the work of the campaign until mid-March, to be the work of immunization free of charge, in order to preserve the livestock and increase the production of meat and milk .
    n a special statement to "Day 7", Dr. Mona Mehrez, Deputy Minister of Agriculture for Livestock, Fish and Poultry Affairs, said that with the start of the national campaign to vaccinate cattle against foot-and-mouth disease and rift valley, all measures started on the second of this month, Measures to address the new "SAT 2" alert and to provide all necessary vaccines free of charge . The Deputy Minister of Agriculture appealed to all educators in cooperation with immunization campaigns to preserve their livestock. "The campaign is present in all the villages and cities of the governorates. The vaccine is available, and the reluctant and refraining from immunization only blames himself and bears responsibility. On the provision of their animals for immunization, numbering and registration to cope with epidemic diseases, noting that the hotline was allocated No. 19561 to receive complaints from educators . The price of immunization of one cattle for the new or isolated isolates discovered for free, and the price of immunization of foot-and-mouth disease and rift valley for cattle does not exceed 15 pounds, confirming the availability of all vaccines vaccination campaign, and coordination with the Ministry of Local Development and security services to prevent the transfer of livestock From province to province, and to prevent the entry of any cattle to the markets only with registration card, numbering and immunization . The Deputy Minister of Agriculture, said that all veterinary units at the level of the Republic are equipped with all the tools and vaccines. The campaign is carried out from village to village through coordination between the various concerned bodies, as well as providing all the equipment and tools needed by the veterinary committees, Used during the trading stages, and providing disinfectants and protective clothing to perform the task of the veterinarian in accordance with the rules of application of biosafety and ensure the verification of immunization data . The General Authority for Veterinary Services sent a circular to the directorates of veterinary medicine in the governorates of the Republic to take all measures to vaccinate cattle against foot-and-mouth disease and to block the mutated strain of foot-and-mouth disease (STS2) and to take all legal measures against janitors who refrain from providing their animals for immunization, Any veterinary service provided by the government, and prohibiting the entry of sale of uncultivated livestock registered in the markets through veterinary committees to control the markets, not the immunization card, and the work of the minutes of the abstainers within the campaign . The report stressed that there is coordination with the officials of the endowments and churches to provide support to the implementers of the campaign, in accordance with Law No. 13 of 2014 and the release of a police record to refrain from providing animals for immunizations, or a case record signed by a member of the local administration or the mayor or the sheikh of the country. Each village on the same day with the largest number of doctors, and send immunization data daily through the website of preventive medicine and weekly, and put a campaign of vaccination every unit, management and veterinary directorate in a clear place, explaining the date of implementation of the campaign and the prices of vaccines and the dates of the committees . Dr. Abdel Hakim Mahmoud, Chairman of the General Authority for Veterinary Services, said in a statement to "Seventh Day" that the Commission periodically takes all precautionary measures to combat foot-and-mouth disease and the Rift Valley through awareness programs for educators by conducting orientation seminars organized by the General Directorate of Services and Guidance on how to preserve On animals from foot-and-mouth disease, recommendations for breeders to periodically vaccinate cattle, reporting on infected animals as soon as possible, and educating breeders not to mix infected animals properly until transmission . He added that there is a mandate for Veterinary Medicine departments to set up veterinary committees to pass livestock markets to prevent animals from leaving without vaccination or numbering and banning their transfer between governorates without a permit, confirming that these animals have been vaccinated and numbered by the veterinary services. As part of the Ministry's role to promote and develop livestock in Egypt