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Egypt - State of Emergency declared in Beheira MoA due to Foot & Mouth disease kills cattle on 60 farms - January 6, 2016

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  • Egypt - State of Emergency declared in Beheira MoA due to Foot & Mouth disease kills cattle on 60 farms - January 6, 2016

    Pictures .. foot and mouth disease spread in the villages of the lake .. and panic among the people's after the death of 30 head of cattle in the village of one Veterinary declares a state of emergency to cope with the disease .. and demands compensation for affected people
    Wednesday, January 6, 2016 - 19:51

    Livestock dead Lake: Nasser Judeh - Jamal Abu Fadl Monia has seen the village of Al-Mahmudiyah lake center, a state of panic among the people's after the death of dozens of livestock, suddenly, because of being infected with foot and mouth, knowing that this livestock is the primary source of income. Livestock deaths Mahmudiya Center Said Attia Aekazy (60 farms), I was surprised the injury of all cattle its own, which amounts to 10 cattle shortness of breath, and to abstain from food and drink, which led to the Nfogahm immediately without any introductions, adding that he brought the veterinary unit doctor to try to infected cattle treatment , but treatment to improve not led, explained Aekazy that there is a shortcoming clear by the competent authorities in the follow-up to the outbreak of the disease, which kills livestock. The Ahmed Osman, one of those affected, the cattle do not respond to antibiotics, which get them, threatening all the cattle in the village death investigator, pointing out that more than half of the cattle in the village was hit by the disease without knowing the reasons. He said Osman, the veterinary units do not you turn needed to educate farmers about the seriousness of the disease and methods of prevention and treatment, before it turns into an epidemic that kills all the animals in the region, and called for Osman government agencies to compensate farmers for the damage they have suffered from the disease, especially that most of the cattle owners in the village depend mainly upon as a source of livelihood. People's throwing dead animals next to the banks Said Mohammed Yasin Muheisen, director of the school and one of the village residents, most farmers throwing dead animals in the occupied space and near canals and drains without burial safe in a healthy way, leading to the spread of diseases and epidemics and displays people's lives at risk. He Muheisen, that veterinary units to deal with the situation randomly without regard to the dimensions of the subject and its aftermath, pointing to the need for immunization and compulsory vaccination of all cattle free of charge to keep livestock. Veterinary Medicine efforts

    For its part, announced the Directorate of Veterinary Medicine lake emergency state of maximum to cope with foot-and-mouth disease, which infects cattle, Dr. Hosni Abbas agent Directorate of Veterinary Medicine lake forming follow-up committees in all villages and centers for animal immunization to counter the foot-and-mouth disease, pointing in particular to the "seventh day remarks "It was a veterinary committees payment by the central laboratory of the Ministry of Agriculture to monitor the infected foci of the disease and to provide the necessary treatment of animals free of charge with the sampling of dead livestock for analysis to find out why they died. People's reluctant to vaccinate cattle He explained agent Directorate of Veterinary Medicine, the real reasons for the outbreak of foot and mouth disease villages of the lake's disease is the reluctance of people's all vaccinated their livestock against the disease despite the strengthening of the state of the fortifications, so that does not exceed 20 pounds per dose. The Ahmed famous, head of the town of Mahmudiyah center, moving immediately to areas of the emergence of cattle cases dead and sampled and transported for burial in a landfill in collaboration with environmental and veterinary authorities so as not to seep meat cattle dead markets, pointing to the deaths of about 30 head of cattle villages of Mahmudiya, center, and take appropriate burial of dead animals in a safe and disinfect all infected places in order to prevent the spread of disease.

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