I am not sure what this is. "AIDS" and "HIV" are ranslator machine artifacts for AIDS and HIV, and sometimes for other serious diseases.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015 - 0:11

The discovery of the injury worse kidney failure as the "AIDS" in Port Said General Hospital

Seized the panic patients with renal failure Hospital Port Said year after their discovery sick is by washing in Shafat, consisting of 18 patients and it's infected with the "AIDS" amid blackout of the medical team processor,
informed sources said in a statement for the seventh day that the patient already infected with the virus mutated "AIDS" have been isolated situation in the single room, and has taken all preventive measures on them with the allocation of washing machine due to poor critical condition, and his source confirmed that he has been taking blood samples from all the nursing staff, patients and do analyze central labs in the Ministry of Health to make sure that their HIV status, which came to an end Results passively as saying.