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Pictures .. flow of huge amounts of wastewater into the Nile in Aswan Saturday, December 6, 2014 - 2:58 Sewage Allaqi area south of Aswan City Aswan - Abdullah Salah

Poured huge amounts of sewage area Allaqi southern city of Aswan to the Nile River directly, after walking a long distance in the mountainous bays, the environmental catastrophe loud Aswan, following the collapse of the bund to book these waters. The engineer said George Naim a tenant mines affected Balalaqy The drinking water and sanitation company AQSIQ you book wastewater between mountain bays in huge quantities, where it has established a number of earth dams to prevent wastewater access to spillways natural flood draining into the Nile River. He explained Engineer George Naim a tenant mines affected Balalaqy that one earth dams collapsed due to increased wastewater quantities in behind him, this water goes a very long distance even passed under the railway line and then through the Aswan High Dam even poured into the Nile River in the distance between the Aswan Dam and the High Dam. He Engineer George Naim a tenant mines affected Balalaqy that sewage caused heavy losses to the owners of quarries and mines found in Allaqi area, hard hit by the rush of sewage and flooding of ores quarantine, as well as cut the roads leading to these quarries. He pointed out that other quantities massive sewage still exist behind the bund Another area Allaqi, gallery also to collapse, especially as the high water behind him more than 6 meters full, threatening to repeat this environmental disaster again.