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Egypt tries to reassure food supply adequate in wake of chaos and possible transportation strike

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  • Egypt tries to reassure food supply adequate in wake of chaos and possible transportation strike

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    Rakaibi: our stock of food and commodity strategy enough 6 months
    Friday, December 7, 2012 - 11:40

    Dr. Ahmed Rakaibi - Chairman of the Holding Company for Food Industries
    Wrote Mustafa Najjar

    Dr. Ahmed Rakaibi, Chairman of the Holding Company for Food Industries, one of the public sector companies, the stocks of strategic goods enough for more than 6 months, ruling affected the company and its subsidiaries protests Political against decisions of President Mohamed Morsy, because the company followed this year policy of providing food commodities, Under political and security tensions to adapt to the current situation. was likely Dr. Rakaibi, in a special statement for "The Seventh Day", influenced by food companies renewed strike owners trailers and transport vehicles only, as influenced by the companies during the period of strike owners car trailers last year, which lasted for 10 days , and led to the lack of availability of goods in some areas, were also affected by transfers wheat from the ports to the inside of the Republic, and the accumulation of food commodities manufactured in factories and warehouses wholesale companies. denied increase in prices of some food commodities in subsidiaries consumer nationwide, stressing that commodity prices stable Since last month of Ramadan. pointed Rakaibi that the state has a strategic stocks of wheat enough until end of May 2013, the sugar is sufficient until the beginning of 2014. also confirmed that there are no problems in the amounts of red meat, where it was opened for importation of meat Ethiopian and Sudanese, and we have 36 thousand head by Eid al-Adha, pointing out that the price of a kilogram of meat Australian ranges between 38 and 40 pounds, stressing that the Sudanese meat and Ethiopian installed price since January 25, 2011, an average of 40 pounds a kilo Alkndoz, and veal declined from 45 pounds to 40 pounds , The Aladany of 58 pounds per kilo to 54 pounds, while the imported meat begins at 30 pounds per kilo. With regard to the high wheat prices, said Dr. Rakaibi: This rise will not affect the price of subsidized bread lead to higher but prices of flour and pasta, stressing that Egypt's production 3.7 million tons of wheat, expected to reach production Aktar than 4 million tons, thus contributing to reduce import and flour 82 for industry baladi bread is available to more than 5 months after running out of domestic production. praised the direction of Engineer Abu Zaid Mohamed Abu Zeid, Minister of Supply and Trade Interior, editing exact price, because the state can this set market and sell flour on the black market, when editing price instead of 450 pounds per ton would be 2625 pounds per ton, thus Sathavt bakery owners on production, not sales on the black market. denied Godd any talk of increasing prices diesel fuel or energy used in the production of subsidized bread, pointing out that the high price of diesel or fuel oil will only affect the transport vehicles.