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Serum and vaccine» imported 30 million doses corrupt against polio and avian influenza

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  • Serum and vaccine» imported 30 million doses corrupt against polio and avian influenza

    Friday, April 2nd, 2010 - 01:44

    ◄ ◄ 5 million doses have expired without the use of a deliberate move spoil the 20 million other

    Recent documents revealed the involvement of the Egyptian company for the production of vaccines and serums in wastage of 48 million pounds, the value of large quantities of vaccines and human and veterinary vaccines used in vaccination of children, animals and birds during the past two months.

    According to documents - which got «the seventh day» a copy of it - the Egyptian Company for the production of vaccines imported a quantity of polio vaccine Polio Vaccine Company Biopharma Biofarma Indonesian for the Ministry of Health estimates about 20 million doses worth 56 million pounds has been deposited, concentrates polio vaccine in refrigerators vaccines and serums and vaccines designated for that to be distributed according to the map of geographical received from the Ministry of Health annually and has suffered refrigerators vaccines and serums and vaccines for the blackout it for more than 45 minutes, as well as disruption of services emergency generators for work, causing sustained company vaccines and vaccines heavy losses as a result of what happened.

    According to the documents, the Department of Legal Affairs, the company formed a technical committee to examine the generators for refrigerators conservation and evaluation of functional damage and prepare a technical report to do so.
    The Legal Affairs Department formed a medical commission to determine the quality and the nature and size of losses and quantities of both vaccines Oolqahat and commissions have no reports required.

    According to the reports of the technical committee, which got «the seventh day» on a copy, and dated Jan. 25 number 153 in the presence of deliberate sabotage of electrical connectors for refrigerators vaccines according to the result of the examination of all fixtures and electrical connections.

    The report reveals the technical committee of professionals Hany Ahmed Abd, Alaa Mohamed El-Sayed, headed by Engineer Jalal Mahmoud Imam for the presence of residual wire Mthtkp machines have been used indiscriminately to cut wires and in spite of the presence of heavy security in places and refrigerators serums and vaccines, to quote the technical report which confirms the existence of deliberate and complicity in the process of sabotage.

    However, a report on the existence of collusion in the process of destruction that has been communicated to the electricity distribution company in the region surrounding the Egyptian Company for the production of vaccines and showed that there were not any acts or failures inside or outside the company time to power outages.
    The documentation confirms that the Technical Committee has filed a technical report of the Legal Department of the company to take action about this matter.

    Many surprises revealed by the medical committee which was formed to determine the extent of the losses and the quality and quantity, which resulted from damage to the amounts of the polio vaccine was sent a report and a memorandum to the Chairman of the Egyptian Company for vaccines and vaccines.

    According to the memorandum of the medical committee that on Feb. 8 was formed the Medical Committee on the report of the Technical Committee which was formed on the examination of generators, primary and backup refrigerators keeping vaccines to verify who is responsible for the incident which caused the waste of public money «48 million pounds».

    It turns out that the supplier of the polio vaccine «Biopharma» non-credit and non-registered at the Ministry of Health, says the memorandum, investigation of the company show that the product supplier is not registered also the Ministry of Health due to incomplete specifications pharmaceutical world, according to the note, there are violations of the law have been committed in this incident , requires reporting to competent authorities for investigation.

    The same date, Feb. 8 sent the medical report medical final to the President of the Egyptian company for the production of serums and vaccines, according to the Administration's decision to legal liability and losses resulting from damage to large quantities of polio vaccine from the company Biopharma Indonesia, which entered stores on February 28 batches .

    The report emphasizes the damage of large quantities of polio vaccine received from the company «Glasgow Smith», which expire on 15/6/2011, estimated at 3 million and a half million doses of the financial value of 11 million and 200 thousand pounds.

    The report shows that after a series of tests on samples of polio vaccine imported from Biopharma Indonesian Make sure that the validity of a large amount of an estimated 7 million doses worth 19 million and 500 thousand pounds was about to end as imported on December 15 last year, The Committee, consisting Dr. Mahmoud Nasr Hammouda, head of the focus of vaccines, Dr. Ahmed Mohamed El-Sayed Department of sera unilateral and Dr. and loyalty Sahib control of Central Medical that he was informed by Dr. Hamdallah kept Zidane in a report the existence of irregularities in the import of product from a company not registered with the Ministry of Health, noting that they were demanding the return of export of the remaining amounts in refrigerators Egyptian Company for the production of serums and vaccines that are nearing their expiry dates so as not to subject the company's losses and waste of public money.

    According to the report of the Committee found that the quantities were imported from Biopharma Indonesian non-registered at the Ministry of Health registration once it was found not to use 5 million doses of vaccine so that expired on Oct. 1 last year, the report pointed out that Dr. Hamdallah Hafez Zidane has agreed to import 6.5 million doses worth 4.1 million pounds on personal responsibility for the company Glasgow Smith did not even use expired in October 2009 as well.

    The report compiled by the corruption of other amounts of the same product estimated at around 8 million doses worth 14 million pounds received from Glasgow Smith's glass ceiling in 2008 expired in October 2009.

    The report concluded the claim to transfer the matter to the concerned authorities in the country to investigate the losses incurred by the company and the estimated 48 million pounds to the amount of 25 million doses of vaccine and serum.
    Did not stop at the polio vaccines, According to sources, the Egyptian Company for the production of serums and vaccines, has caused the power outage damage to the large quantities of vaccine for avian flu, which the company was preparing to supply to the veterinary services in the coming period is estimated at 5 million doses sent the head of the former, Dr. Hamed Samaha an urgent note to the president of serum and vaccine ordered.

    The sources added that the Veterinary Services was surprised response, president of serums and vaccines, in which he confirmed the quantities required as a result of corruption of power outage for the company for an hour.
    Other sources revealed the Egyptian Company for vaccines and vaccines that had been set up for execution of the company were transferred damaged quantities of vaccines to destroy a building under construction company owned by the city of 6 October.