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Egypt - 6 detained in attempted armed robbery of a truckload of poultry in Qalyubia governorate - April 16, 2019

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  • Egypt - 6 detained in attempted armed robbery of a truckload of poultry in Qalyubia governorate - April 16, 2019

    The strangling of bird traders" .. Imprisonment of accused of attacking a car in Qalioubia poultry
    15:45Tuesday, April 16th, 2019
    The Attorney General of the Tukh Center, under the supervision of Advocate Haitham Nassar, Attorney General of North Banha District, decided to imprison 6 unemployed persons on charges of shooting and attempting to steal a truckload of poultry in retaliation for his rival, the brother of one of them in the bird trade. Forbidden to circulate and to initiate murder, theft and the aggravation of public peace.
    Brigadier Fawzi Abed Rabba, the director of the Tukh center, received a report from Ahmed M, a driver, that if he drove by driving the Cairo-Alexandria agricultural road in front of the Hatta village, He was surprised by the deviation of a white quarter-wheeled vehicle towards him. The occupants tried to catch him, but he quickly started his car. Then he heard the sound of a bullet fired.
    Major General Rida Tabbila, Director of Qalioubia Security, and a research team led by Major General Hisham Salim, director of the Criminal Investigation Department, led by Brigadier Yahya Radhi, head of the Qalioubia Investigations. The research team concluded that the perpetrators of the incident were Mohammed Attal, And a former member of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PFLP), unemployed, "Mahmud A", 22, unemployed, Amana - Drugs "and" Abdul Nabi S ", unemployed.
    The sixth suspect admitted that there were differences between him and the brother of the victim, the "commander of the car", about the competition for the purchase of poultry from the farms and marketing subsequent, and knowing the presence of the victims in the circle of the center of Tukh on the day of the accident Agreed with the rest of the accused to seize the load of the victim's car after they purchased poultry from one of the farms, and in order to implement their criminal scheme, the sixth defendant rented the car Chevrolet brand quarter of a white transfer and the fourth defendant led, I see the user in the incident.
    Then the defendants went to the Cairo-Alexandria highway to Cairo in front of the village of Kafr El-Hatta, the center's department. When they saw the car of the two victims, they blocked their way, but the commander fled the car in the direction of Cairo towards the car. The second defendant fired a caliber bullet against them to threaten them and force them. To stop, and hit the victim "Mohammed S.", sprayed cartouche on the left side of the face, and fled Harbin.
    The accused were instructed by the second defendant to control the firearm used in the incident, which is a shotgun and two rounds of the same caliber. The accused and the sixth defendant were arrested and seized of the vehicle used in the incident and they were given possession of a firearm. Use it in the exercise of their criminal activity.