Health confirms the availability of flu drugs and denies widespread prevalence of fake drugs

Friday, 10 August 2018 07:17 p

The Ministry of Health and Population has confirmed that there is no proof of the presence of fake drugs for the treatment of avian flu or ordinary flu after a trip to the examination of thousands of pharmacies in the Republic, stressing that the markets are clean and in the case of any fraudulent drugs are released minutes of violators urgently.
Dr. Mustafa El Sayed, head of the pharmacy inspection at the Ministry of Health for the "seventh day", that the drug market is safe, and citizens to deal normally with pharmacies, and influenza drugs are available at the Ministry of Health and beyond, and there is no need to worry definitively, stressing that what has happened rumors during the last period about The presence of fake drugs for flu in markets is not true.

He called on the head of the inspection pharmacist not to pay attention to this rumor at all. He continued: We are now studying the followers of rumors, especially about drugs as a national security, and refer them to the investigation by the concerned authorities if proven to promote rumors without evidence to raise the community and a major confusion, stressing that Egypt is safe, One dragged to the malicious rumors by a few do not take into account the interests of the homeland.