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Egypt - Severe shortage of medicine and medical supplies at public hospitals in Kafr El-Sheikh - April 17, 2017

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  • Egypt - Severe shortage of medicine and medical supplies at public hospitals in Kafr El-Sheikh - April 17, 2017

    Lack of medicines and medical supplies in hospitals .. Shaikh «Report»

    Monday, 17 / April / 2017 - 6:54

    It suffers a number of public hospitals in Kafr El - Sheikh, from a severe shortage of medicines and solutions, and confirmed one hospital doctors Kafr El - Sheikh, the hospital is experiencing a severe shortage of medicines and days ago, as well as a lack of surgical sutures and bandages cotton gauze to receive the hospital in addition to the lack of Alringer solution and 5% glucose and medical gypsum .

    He said the doctor , who preferred not to be named for "veto", which the General Hospital did not depend on the lack of medicines , but there is a deficit Balonbobat laryngeal intensive care and stopped a lithotripsy urinary and kidney stones since 10 days, and in the hearing department fee hearing device stopped two weeks ago for lack of spare parts of the device.

    At the Central Hospital Metobas, surgical sutures types disappeared, as well as syringes of insulin solution glucose solution Alringer, and catheter suction that is used in cases of accidents, and there is also scalpels as well as the lack of gypsum types and Albornblatt which is used in cases of vomiting as well as the failure to provide a shock reception.

    Abdullah Saber, resides Desouk center and added that his father suffered vomiting and bloody head down him to Desouk General Hospital, but was shocked when the nursing staff asked him to buy a number of medical supplies from abroad so that they can deal with him and was among these supplies "syringes and gauze, and cotton" and many medical supplies.

    He said Abdullah Mohammed, a resident of Kafr El - Sheikh: "We go to government hospitals for our inability to resort to private hospitals, but now we do not know what the difference between the government and the private hospital ?! pointing out that one of the doctors asked him to go to the nursing department to measure the pressure of his father , and when he went not responds to one of the nurses with him , recalled them that a doctor pharmacist and can pressure gauge Render therefore his device as a doctor contrary to the truth; as it is a student at the Higher Institute of social service, calling for officials to intervene to save government hospitals from neglect.

    he added, Samir Mohammed, resides Desouk Center: I was in a coma sugar when tastier Wahab Hospital Desouk General, asked the doctor Allenbtha of my son buy a 5% glucose from abroad because it is not available at the hospital, as he bought Kanuyla and syringe for not available. In

    turn, Dr. Abdul Hakim Ashour, Central Hospital Hamoul director of Kafr El - Sheikh, he was already there is a severe shortage of solutions in general and lasted three months, but is now available to some extent, but there is still a shortage of some medicines, pointing out that the Central Hospital Hamoul suffers from a lack of development since its inception, and the ventilator of our disabled, and appealed to the Directorate of Health to repair it , but even if repaired we do not have to specialize Taam For him; the government health sector is suffering in general.

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