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Egypt,Minister of Health 90% Recover without the use of "Tamiflu"

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  • Egypt,Minister of Health 90% Recover without the use of "Tamiflu"

    Mountain confirm ..
    Recovering 90% of stress-influenza without the "Tamiflu"
    Wednesday, December 9th, 2009 - 14:34

    Minister of Health Dr.. Hatem mountain
    Rabab wrote Jali

    Dr. Hatem mountain Minister of Health, that 90% of infected swine flu is relieved by eating without the regular flu drugs they need to address the Tamiflu vaccine for the disease.

    This came during the remarks made by the minister while attending the first Regional Forum on the issues of population control in northern and central level, pointing to the direction of the ministry to create a large public hospital in Fayoum, and the need to preserve to another hospital reduces the pressure on the current hospital.

    And about what was raised on the hospital's intensive care Fayoum General and published by some newspapers about the care and mortality as a result of negligence, the Minister of Health that this crisis was orchestrated by a doctor who was convicted of investigations and proved committing many irregularities, and that the doctor was through the work of profiteering from medicines and prescriptions using his position at the hospital .

    Dr. Hatem mountain, Fayoum General Hospital were included in an ambitious plan to develop an integrated system, promising to send a CT scan of the hospital.