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Egypt - Media report: More H5N8 avian flu found in birds - Damietta - December 6, 2016

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  • Egypt - Media report: More H5N8 avian flu found in birds - Damietta - December 6, 2016

    Bird flu visit Egypt again .. immigrant his birds carry the virus sophisticated and decisive action to prevent the spread of infection
    Huffington Post Arabic | CAIRO - Mohammed Ali Musa
    Published: 15:17 06/12/2016 AST Updated: 15:17 06/12/2016 AST

    For the first time since 2006, discovered the health authorities in Egypt the return of a dangerous virus of avian influenza, by conducting tests for migratory wild birds in coastal areas, prior to transmission of the virus and the deepening of poultry farms and wild birds breeding.

    This was stated for "Huffington Post Arabic" official source of preventive medicine management in Cairo, adding that Egypt is trying to curb the spread of the disease, especially with the entry of the winter season, explaining that the virus is increasing at the lower temperatures.

    The source added, it was the discovery of H5N8 virus between about 12 birds over the past two days, also in Damietta, after the virus was detected in two birds onshore days ago, it has been eliminated and buried in a sterile places, stressing that to now be controlling the virus, but a spokesman for the Ministry of Agriculture said for "the Huffington Post Arabic" that until now has not been any monitoring of birds and other infected.

    Wealth endangered size

    And the threat to poultry in Egypt on the basis of what has been revealed the size of the injuries, preventive medicine official explained that, in the event of leakage of migratory birds between the Egyptian bird without the discovery of his injury, it threatens many Egyptian poultry.

    The source noted, that the poultry endangered size in Egypt up to 40% nationwide, nearly 300 million birds, noting that that wealth is threatened with the disease in the event of failing to maintain and to follow proper guidelines to eliminate the virus.

    The reports and statistics that the size of the poultry wealth in Egypt between 650 million to 800 million birds almost, most of which comes from small and medium farms.

    According to official statements, Egypt is currently facing a potential threat after the discovery of the medical authorities of the focus of infection is highly contagious avian influenza H5N8 in two birds onshore north of the country from the flocks of migratory birds, which are frequently spread through these times.

    And prepared by the ministries of agriculture and health to implement a contingency plan with the spread of infectious virus, to the threat to birds and human health.

    The Egyptian authorities last week, they found the two birds onshore Nafiqin in Damietta Governorate during routine monitoring of epidemics process.

    Rapid spread of the virus raises concerns

    H5H8 fortify the new virus is through fortified serum used by Egypt against regular influenza H5N1 bird, because it is suitable for the fight against all H5 viruses faction, as Dr. Ahmed al-Sanusi Prime viruses Department says the College of Veterinary Medicine, Cairo University.

    He said Sanusi, for "The Huffington Post Arabic," that officials with relevant line ministries must follow the necessary hygiene procedures and follow the safety and security and immunize poultry farms steps, where studies indicate that the virus multiplies very quickly inside the bird, million infectious cell in a few hours and produce, and perhaps the formation of new types of the virus as a result of overlapping cells.

    Sanusi noted that Egypt does not have the disposal and removal of policy-Undecided eliminate the virus Nhaiaa- because they will not be able to virus, which is what happens since 2006 the spread of bird flu.

    And spread to Egypt avian influenza virus H5H1, Egypt was able to eliminate the present, but they are trying to reduce the spread. It is worth mentioning that this virus trapping all forms of poultry and severe restrictions on breeders and dealers, and therefore the closure of many shops and massacres, which led to higher meat and fish prices and many food items, after the demand for them has increased fear of infection of bird diseases.

    And on the citizens breeders of poultry and birds, he advised Prime viruses Department, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, notify near their home veterinary units, to follow and fortify their poultry. As well as the following methods of permanent hygiene, not to deal with the bird directly in the event of the appearance of symptoms of the disease.

    It is worth mentioning that this virus in 2006 led to the siege of all forms of poultry, severe restrictions on breeders and dealers, and therefore the closure of many shops and massacres, which led to higher meat and fish prices and many food items, after the demand for them has increased fear of infection bird disease. According to statements made by the Ministry of Agriculture officials, citing the avian flu crisis in 2006.

    Fortifications to the face of danger

    Dr. Ihab Mohamed Choukri, director general of Veterinary Medicine in Damietta, he said that the Directorate is doing precautionary steps to raise the vital level of security at the county level to reduce the risk of the spread of the new influenza virus H5N8, and prevent the circulation of live birds and the work of guidance sessions for physicians and poultry farmers.

    The H5N8 virus is a flu viruses that infect birds and cause infectious disease and severe in the respiratory apparatus. Cases of human infection by the show on a seasonal basis.

    Most human cases of the disease comes from approaching or direct contact with infected birds or dead, or engage in light of this virus contaminated environment.

    He noted thanks for "the Huffington Post Arabic," that it was monitoring the limited numbers of birds as vectors of disease on the shore of the city, parallel with the work of inventory and immunity for birds and poultry on farms and household houses nanny for birds, to fortify and to ensure that the spread of the virus.

    And the extent and severity of the likelihood of transmission of birds and domestic poultry farms in Egypt, confirmed the General Manager of Veterinary Medicine in Damietta, it is not unlikely transmissible among birds, "but we're up against a good monitoring and surveillance and immunization."

    The source of the virus by migratory birds

    Dr. Hamed Abdel Dayem, the official spokesman for the Ministry of Agriculture, said that infected migratory birds that have been monitored in Damietta in Egypt only, and the rest of the samples were analyzed at the Institute of Animal Health under the ministry, and that so far have not been any monitoring of birds and other infected.

    It is the seriousness of the infected bird virus "H5N8", that the disease is transmitted through residue, when located on the floor of the virus is active it remains for 50 days, and if approached from infected waste or touch a bird or a human or carry it moves to the disease immediately, as it can wind that the transfer of the virus to places of bird gatherings or humans.

    He Hamid for "The Huffington Post Arabic," it is fortified average user avian influenza serum "But prevention is better than cure", which is carried out by the ministry in collaboration with the Ministry of Health of procedures for investigating and epidemiological surveillance in all provinces, especially in farms and markets selling bird houses nanny and houses for birds.

    The most dangerous to human health H5N8

    The World Health Organization said in a report on her official front, the virus of subtype H5 sub-type H7 of the biggest sources of concern, where it can be quickly converted from one form causes minor symptoms for birds to form can cause diseases and a tent for groups of poultry, leading to her death, which would result in devastating outbreaks and heavy losses to the poultry industry and the livelihoods of farmers.

    The Organization, the avian flu virus, the H5N1 highly pathogenic, is now endemic in many countries, and is still considered the most worrying to human health. Over the past two years, joined the H5N1 virus and other newly discovered strains such as H5N8, all of which are applicable in the present time in different parts of the world.

    Dr. Shukri, that more cities of the Republic at risk of the virus is located on the shores of the sea.

    Control and monitoring of the maritime provinces

    For his part, Dr. Jad Allah Kholi, director of the Directorate of Veterinary Medicine at the lake, said that the administration did not monitor any cases of carriers of the virus so far, explaining that he came to them news from the ministry in Cairo to take care and immunizations to cope with any future risk.

    The reference received by the Directorate of Veterinary Medicine lake -as Dr. Jad Allah makes it clear that should any migratory birds and monitoring control, the next, particularly from Europe, because the most dangerous in the transfer of the virus in birds.

    He added Dr. Jad Allah, that veterinary administration by the lake, the province located on the east of Alexandria seashore, formed many of the field teams, some of them to monitor the sea and anointed and monitor the length and breadth of immunization, and other teams to immunize the farms and houses nanny home for birds, appealing to every home rears even a bird, and one that a veterinary administration to fortify his home.

    He noted that there are many other viruses to maintain, but it is not contagious to those serious degree, and are being followed up aphid.

    Emergency agriculture

    Veterinary services at the Ministry of Agriculture has announced a number of precautionary measures, to identify the new strain of the virus H5N8, which is transmitted by migrating wild birds and the wind, and is one of the most virulent viruses in the case of transmission of infections to poultry farms, in areas that are exposed to the passage of migratory birds, especially in the north Delta in five regions, governorates of Damietta, Port Said and Dakahlia and Kafr el-Sheikh and the lake.Sources said the Ministry of Agriculture, said that the committees veterinary teams "Alkaho" began to withdraw samples from poultry farms in the vicinity of migratory bird areas in the lakes "Manzala, Burullus and Edco and Mariot" in preparation for analysis in the central laboratory for the control of poultry production of the Research Institute for Animal Health, to learn the strain that existed or did not reach Egypt.

    Alkaho teams are teams of veterinarians to investigate and monitor suspected cases of transboundary disease transmission, according to the initiative of the Ministry of Agriculture in 2013.

    A source at the Ministry of Agriculture, according to the "Egyptian newspaper," The fact there are active operations to poultry farms near the northern lakes for basing migratory birds there, as happened in 2005 and 2006, when the emergence of bird flu.

    The source continued, it was decided to ban the import of all kinds of birds from countries where the disease from the new strain of the avian influenza virus appeared (H5 8), and take emergency measures to prevent its spread.

    The beginning of the spread of the virus from Europe

    And it announced that Germany, Switzerland and the middle of this week, a new hotbeds of serious strain of avian influenza, is the latest in a series of cases across Europe.

    The virus also appeared H5N8 in Austria, Hungary, Poland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Croatia, Israel, Germany and in the state of Schleswig-Holstein announced cases and one confirmed on a farm now being the executions of 30 thousand chickens. And Austria and Switzerland have taken days before the procedure to prevent the spread of the virus among domestic poultry, after the discovery of the disease in Mallard on Lake Constance.


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