To control the fire at a poultry farm in Fayoum

Sunday 05 / June / 2016 - 19:02
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Taha al - Banna
Managed the strength of civil defense in Fayoum to control the fire in one of the poultry farms before extending to the rest of the wards did not result in a fire any injuries. The Fayoum Security Directorate, he received a communication from the Rescue Administration stating a fire in one of the poultry farms in Ezbet of the village Diab lantern Tamiya Center. it turns out that the fire broke out in a room at the entrance poultry farm king Juma Ramadan Diab, was brought under control of the civil defense forces and fire vehicles, with the help of parents, before extending the flames to the rest of the holds of the farm, and the emancipation of the record number administrative 2691 Tamiya Center, and was referred to the public Prosecution , which commissioned an expert to know the reasons for the fire, and took over the investigation.