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GR reports in from Egypt

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  • GR reports in from Egypt

    Here's part of his email:

    Regards from Egypt a land in which all but for a handful will, when the time comes, be exposed and be subject to the full consequences. In the pharmacies, there is only amantadine... nothing else... nothing else, and the amantadine in such limited supply as to be of no service. It's a wonder to be in this place, but not during the pandemic.

    On to Aswan/AbuSimbel and then to Luxor.

    In pursuit of history,

    I told him to take a photo of the hyssop growing between the rocks if he sees any. Mellie
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    Re: GR reports in from Egypt

    Thank you, Mellie...I had been thinking about him and hoping to hear some news

    To be honest, tamiflu is hard to get your hands on (Holland too) amantadine is my best bet, apart from herbs and so on also...

    It is however Very Disturbing to find this in Egypte which has recently had a BF-death...and it seems to be spreading quickly...

    Hope he enjoys his stay to the full there - and returns home safely,


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      More GR reports in from Egypt

      Mariella and all,
      More, he just can't stay away from his community! Here's another email... Fun for us... Mellie

      Hi Mellie,
      I can see your posts but can't post due to this not being the computer with the password...this being a new laptop. Please post this as well.

      Allow me a few observations to post.
      Besides the pharmacies holding only Amantadine (5 Egyptian Pounds...USD $0.95 for one 20 cap pkg), the Tamiflu is at only the hospitals.
      This place, Egypt, is a hot land, packed with 20 million in Cairo and 52-55 million in the countryside.

      Here's the word painted picture of what I've seen: The countryside is green, along the Nile; the delta is farmland, flatland, previously subject to multifoot floods, as high as 50 feet in the past; so it's a rich soil with crops out to the horizon, on small farms, measured in a few acres to maybe 20 acres, or even a few large 100 acre farms. The majority are farmed by a family, with a waterbuffalo or cow or horse or mule in front of the plow. Birds are everywhere, in the countryside, egrets in the ponds and canals, wild birds beyond count. Stray dogs and feral cats are also everywhere, with them eating garbage and dead, small animals, road kill and rats. At the Pyramids, bone dry, in Saqqara, the stepped pyramid of Zoser, there were at least 1/2 dozen stray dogs, lounging through the day, companions to the everpresent tourist police.

      At the farms, the poorer farms, the housing consists of mudbrick one story, more like mangers than houses. The animals live in one room; the people live in the other. One needs to look to see who's occupying which if one wants to determine who's where.

      When BF hits, it will be without protection or warning.

      Gotta go, battery low.



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        Re: GR reports in from Egypt

        For those new to FluTrackers, go read Gaudia's interesting thread on The Tenth Plague, Exodus Chapters 11 & 12 in the Bible

        excellent read!


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          Re: GR reports in from Egypt

          This came in just before noon my pacific time. I have been busy with other things and just getting to post here. Mellie


          3 star hotel in Aswan, and not a working internet connection to be had.
          Here I am at an internet cafe along the Nile, literally 50 feet away, typing madly in a heady and maddening, exhilarating setting of dirty, dusty streets with the sights and sounds of Casablanca everywhere. Horns honking, people crowding the streets flowing out into traffic, and never an accident to be seen; costumes being men in turbans and long flowing shirts down to their ankles, and women ranging from black with only eye slits to Coptic Christian casual western wear, yet nearly no skin exposed as it would "incite" the men.

          The disease will slice through this place, as it did before, with no prep, no understanding, no plan, no conscious knowledge, "inshalla" being uttered and "Alla U Akbar" being sung out, live, five times a day, from Mosques in every direction. The place will not stop. The devil do as he will, nothing will stop or pause. ; Death will just be accepted and the bodies carted to a cemetary a la 1665 and 1918. Not a soul here knows info about what you're posting in FT.

          As I see it, I'm riding the crest of the viral wave, ahead of it, watching it lap at the back of my suitcase, as I skate forward, marking the few days before I return.

          Here in Aswan, Upper Egypt, the home of the Russian/Egyptian built Aswan Dam, there are birds everywhere, and chickens running free on farms, but not in the city of 100,000, Aswan. Behind the dam is the largest manmade lake in the world. The weather is perfect, high 60's at night and high 80's during the day. The air is soft, coming directly from the desert, here no rain for the past 6 years, dependent solely on the Nile for water, which is plentiful at this last refuge for humans before the desert begins, in every direction. I still can't get over the ferral animals nearly everywhere, and especially at night. At the hotel, the Basma, which IMO is the best in the area, especially the suites with their sundecks overlooking the entire valley, facing north, at night, the silence and darkness descends but the life of the ferral dogs comes to fruition and fullness as they stalk the restaurant and pool grounds in search of food.

          As I've said, when the illness comes, it will be without a single effort to block its transmission. In the US, we are girding for an encounter; here, they are living life fully, without regard to anything but the moment.

          Sorry, no pics to upload..too computer ignorant to share yet. When I return, more.

          Thx for posting to the newsgroup. I'm appreciative of the opportunity to share.

          Gaudia Ray


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            Re: GR reports in from Egypt

            return safe from the dangerzone!wash hands frequently!and shoes!u got balls visiting there and im sure you feel anxious but as the "man on the ground",these reports are better than far away are you from the death just reported?did you kick a chicken out your way today? the mongrels come out at nite,are there large roosts of birds nearby?open air bird markets yes?fly safe,fly virgin.they got tamiflu!flutrackers has the real news and footsoldiers in the real world!tom