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Egypt - Report of H9 influenza in poultry in 9 provinces - more than 50% mortality rate

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  • Egypt - Report of H9 influenza in poultry in 9 provinces - more than 50% mortality rate

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    Veterinary services": the discovery of a new type of avian influenza
    Bird flu

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    Sunday 19/02/2012 - 6:39 p.m.

    Books - Sami Abdul Rahman
    Dr Osama Mahmoud Salim, Director of the General Authority for Veterinary Services, there is a mutation of a new type of avian flu bears the name "h9" other than the type metastatic "h5n1", pointing out that he is studying the dangers of this new disease four weeks ago, after it was discovered mutate in 9 provinces.

    confirmed Osama during the meeting of the Assembly Health Committee people today build on the statement soon put forward by the Attorney Tareq Rajab favor on the mutation of some viruses, which affected the net worth of meat, poultry, pointing out that the bird flu "h5n1" "endemic in most of the governorates of Egypt, which , amounting to 24 provinces. as revealed Dr. Suhair Hassan, Head of Central Department for Preventive Medicine of veterinary services that most diseases come through some of the vaccines, which is the recall of Israel but that there are no studies documented reveal it until now. and attributed the SZ and the existence of such vaccines to lawlessness, who is in Egypt now, especially that 70% of farms Egyptian does not have wishes bio, which works to block the spread of such diseases. She said Suhair in introducing the report of the Veterinary Services to the Health Committee, headed by Dr. Akram Al Shaer Chairman of the Committee that the vaccination of any disease does not prevent infection, revealed Suhair that "ducks" the most dangerous animals that cause the spread of such diseases, both for the rest of the birds or humans, especially as it does not show symptoms of the disease, noting that Egypt imported daily from France 1.00025 million duck day old. As a student of Dr. Hatem Salah Eddin, head of the University of Damanhur develop a clear strategy to address the epidemic diseases, explaining that the new disease "h9" in the event mutate would be more serious than "h5n1". The Salah al-Din that the mortality rate in poultry, currently more than 50% due to the spread of the disease,


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    Re: Egypt - Report of H9 influenza in poultry in 9 provinces - more than 50% mortality rate

    Of note is that the 1997 Hong Kong outbreak of H5N1 arose from a reassortment with H9N2.