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Saudi Arabia - Fighting ebola rumors, MoH orders all health directorates not to give statements to press

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  • Saudi Arabia - Fighting ebola rumors, MoH orders all health directorates not to give statements to press

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    In the footsteps of "Corona" .. "Health" is facing rumors "Ebola" data
    Refuted the news of the injury need to "illness" and proved to suffer from the "malaria"

    Health Affairs headquarters in Medina (home)

    Medina, Mecca: Saad Al-Harbi, Ibtisam Hqdar 2014-09-19 10:28 PM

    Foiled data successive issued by the Ministry of Health and its directorates rumors that are circulating via websites and special accounts for some Amordan and electronic newspapers about the emergence of virus infections "Ebola", having become aware of "lesson" of the virus, "Corona" which played rumors role in creating the state of panic among the citizens, and it came to the province of some patients to hospitals, and stay homes for fear of infection, also led "conflicting statements", and "random in the registry" to errors in the numbers of injuries and deaths.
    suffered Medina, like other areas of the spread of information is documented about "Corona", after the decline of the disease and the emergence of obsession "Ebola" new, became aware of "the health of the region," the order, and was keen to kill common in infancy.
    criticized the Director of Health Affairs in Madinah Dr. Abdullah Tavi rumors that revolve around the "Ebola", and said that "a number of citizens are spreading the culture of panic trading news incorrect injuries Ebola virus through the messages, there is no doubt that the numbers and the numbers listed incorrectly, and destination, including intimidation and terrorize people. "
    and was networking sites've traded a story last week about the injury need Nigerian Ebola virus, after conversion of the center healthy area of the Holy Mosque to the hospital one after the onset of symptoms it.
    said assistant general manager of curative medicine to "the health of the city," Dr Mohammed bin Hamed Alhalahi, in a statement after the emergence of the common less than 12 hours, that "one of the health care centers adjacent to the Mosque of the Prophet Sharif received the case for the need for Nigeria at the age of 42 years suffer from headache, high temperature, and stress, and dealt with health workers in accordance with the rules of medical, was transferred to the hospital, one in accordance with the health plan for medical facilities in Medina during the pilgrimage season, in preparation for medical tests and laboratory to diagnose the situation and the Execution Plan therapeutic need for infected after confirmation of case history mingling with infected with viruses, and did not prove her to travel to one of the countries affected. "
    The Ministry of Health has recently confirmed at all Directorates of Health Affairs not to give permits to those media, and limiting statements to the spokesman The official of the Ministry of Health, citing adhering to the non-recurrence of the errors that occurred during the spread of the virus, "Corona", which led to an error in the number of reported cases, which is paid at the end to the announcement of the infected cases and the deceased a day through its Web site.
    , the established a command and control center of the Ministry of Health workshop entitled "Plans to convert infectious diseases Corona and Ebola" to appropriate facilities in the pilgrimage season, "and that a hospital birth and children in the Holy Capital, attended by 150 of the medical staff of the health of the region.
    said Deputy Director-General of Health Affairs in Makkah Mecca Dr. Sari Asiri, the goal of meeting the definition of how to transform situations of infectious diseases, especially Corona and Ebola to appropriate facilities in the Hajj season, and the transfer of expertise to all employees in the departments of medical and health sectors to serve the guests of God properly. "
    and ran head of platform operations therapeutic center command and control, Dr. Wael Tashkandi, the workshop, which focused on the practical side to educate health personnel.