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Heatwave: National emergency declared after UK's first red extreme heat warning

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  • Heatwave: National emergency declared after UK's first red extreme heat warning

    1 hour ago

    By Doug Faulkner & Charley Adams
    BBC News

    A national emergency has been declared after a red extreme heat warning was issued for the first time, as temperatures could hit 40C (104F).

    The Met Office's highest warning covers an area including London, Manchester and York on Monday and Tuesday.

    It means there is a risk to life and daily routines will need to change.

    Speed restrictions are likely on railway lines, some schools will close early and some hospital appointments will be cancelled.

    On the roads, gritters are planning to spread sand to reduce melting, and the RAC has warned more drivers will need help as cars overheat.

    On top of the Met Office warning, the UK Health Security Agency issued its highest level four heat alert to health and care bodies - warning illness and death could occur "among the fit and healthy".

    NHS leaders on Friday evening warned there would be greater demand for ambulances and patients could be at risk if left outside hospitals in emergency vehicles in hot weather.

    In a letter they said ambulances should not wait outside emergency departments more than 30 minutes before offloading patients.

    ... It is the first time a red heat warning has been issued for parts of the UK, although the extreme heat warning system was only introduced in 2021.

    Downing Street said the alert was being treated as a national emergency. Officials met on Friday and will meet again during the weekend to discuss the response.

    ... The heatwave - originating in north Africa - is spreading across Europe and has fuelled wildfires in Portugal, France and Spain.

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    Dangerous heatwaves engulf parts of China, US and Europe

    Tue 12 Jul 2022 10.56 EDT

    Vincent Ni, China affairs correspondent, Sam Jonesin Madrid and Nina Lakhani in New York

    Dangerous heatwaves are engulfing parts of China, Europe, south-west and central US this week, as dozens of cities have found themselves dealing with soaring summer temperatures.

    By Tuesday afternoon, at least 86 Chinese cities in eastern and southern parts of the country had issued heat alerts. Chinese meteorologists forecast temperatures in some cities would top 40C (104F) in the next 24 hours.

    In Shanghai, China’s most populous city, the authorities have told its 25 million people to prepare for unusually hot weather. Since record-keeping began in 1873, Shanghai has had only 15 days with temperatures above 40C.

    ... In the eastern city of Nanjing, one of China’s three “furnaces” notorious for their searing summers, city officials opened up underground air-raid shelters to local people since Sunday, with its wartime bunkers equipped with wifi, books, water dispensers and even microwave ovens.

    In Chongqing, another furnace city, the roof of one of its museums melted, with the tiles of a traditional Chinese roof popping as the heat dissolved the underlying tar.


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      Europe’s brutal heat wave may be continent's worst since 1757

      Published Jul. 13, 2022 1:27 PM CDT | Updated Jul. 16, 2022 12:20 PM CDT

      By Brian Lada, AccuWeather meteorologist

      One of the most intense heat waves in over 200 years is unfolding across Europe with temperatures...


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        July 15, 20229:59 PM UTCLast Updated ago

        Waterbomber pilot dies fighting Portugal wildfire


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          Luton Airport runway damaged in heatwave - as schools and trains also disrupted by surging temperatures

          Trains are running slow, other rail services are being cancelled, runways are melting and schools are being shut or closed early due to the extreme temperatures that are being forecast, leading to a risk to life warning as a result of dangerous levels of heat.

          Monday 18 July 2022 19:55, UK

          The airport said: "Following today's high temperatures, a surface defect was identified on the runway."

          ... The RAF also halted flights in and out of its largest air base in the UK, Brize Norton, because the "runway has melted", according to a military source.

          ... The network tweeted that the extreme heat is causing the overhead line equipment that powers electric trains to sag.

          ... At Vauxhall, on the rail network in the capital, Network Rail Wessex reported a kink in the tracks as the metal reached 48C, prompting railway staff to paint them white to reflect the sun and stop them heating further.

          ... Some hospitals have taken the decision to cancel routine appointments and surgeries due to the risk to both patients and staff due to the predicted extreme heat.

          ... Some schools in several counties, including Nottinghamshire and Hampshire, have confirmed they will close, and the NEU teaching union has said it will support headteachers taking that decision.

          Some 53 schools in Buckinghamshire have closed and reverted to remote learning.

          In Norfolk, North Wootton Academy near King's Lynn has closed due to a low water supply.