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Weather Alert - Jordan - Snow and Heavy Rainfall Expected AM Thursday

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  • Weather Alert - Jordan - Snow and Heavy Rainfall Expected AM Thursday

    AMMAN - Authorities on Wednesday announced a state of maximum alert to address weather-related emergencies as snow and heavy rainfall were expected in different parts of the country starting in the morning hours of Thursday.

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    In case of emergencies, people in any part of the country can call the CDD?s unified number at 199 and 911, or 199 in Amman.
    In addition, GAM can be contacted at 06/5359971 or 06/5359970
    The severe weather conditions are caused by a depression accompanied by a cold air mass, which will cause temperatures to dip to below zero, the Jordan Meteorological Department (JMD) said on Wednesday.
    The JMD forecast snow Thursday and Friday mornings in high-altitude areas, including Amman, warning that winds will be brisk, while temperatures will be 8-9 degrees below their 13?C seasonal average.
    Following the department?s expectations of extreme cold weather, snowfall and frost, authorities urged the public to take precautionary measures on the roads and at homes.
    The Civil Defence Department (CDD) urged citizens on Wednesday to take precautionary measures during the expected blizzard by purchasing supplies of fuel and food ahead of time.