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Quake topples houses in Indonesia’s Java; at least 602 dead, many children

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    The death toll from the Cianjur West Java earthquake has increased to 602 people

    Friday, 16 December 2022 13:03 WIB

    Cianjur (ANTARA) - The Cianjur Regency Government, West Java, recorded the number of victims who died based on data that had been collected and completed from 13 sub-districts affected by the earthquake, which had again increased to 602 people based on names and addresses.

    Cianjur Regent Herman Suherman said in Cianjur on Wednesday that the local government did not just issue data on the victims but based on the names and addresses according to the re-data collection that had been carried out because many of the victims died were not recorded for various reasons.

    "I brought complete data from 13 sub-districts whose residents died, bringing to 602 people, according to names and addresses. I asked the village to go through the RT/RW to re-collect data according to the names and addresses of the victims," ​​he said.

    Herman said that the highest number of victims who died as a result of the earthquake were in Cugenang Subdistrict, as many as 397 people and the least in Mande, Haurwangi, Sukaresmi and Cikalongkulon Subdistricts where only one person died in the earthquake each.

    So that his party denied that the death toll had no basis because it was in accordance with reports from each village complete with death certificates that had been taken care of by the heirs.

    Most of the victims died when the earthquake occurred as a result of being hit by collapsed houses and died while being treated.

    "The regency government has coordinated with BNPB regarding the addition of the data, so that there is no need to debate the difference in the latest data. The data on the death toll has also been reported to the Ministry of Social Affairs so that the families left behind will receive spiritual funds," he said.

    Even the funeral or spiritual money, which Herman said, phase one has been handed over to 122 heirs and 480 others are still in the process.

    "We will continue to update the data on victims who died due to the Cianjur earthquake, then it will be reported for assistance," he said.

    The 5.6 magnitude earthquake that rocked Cianjur, West Java, caused tens of thousands of residents' houses to be damaged, including in Nagrak Village, Cianjur District, which was being cleaned by joint officers. (ANTARA/Ahmad Fikri). (Ahmad Fikri)

    Without a time limit, the Cianjur Regency Government, West Java, has confirmed that data on houses damaged by the 5.6 magnitude earthquake will be carried out indefinitely until all damaged houses in Cianjur receive repair assistance from the government.

    "There is no time limit for the data on houses damaged by the earthquake in Cianjur. Currently, there is only one batch, there are still two more batches, so the data collection must be complete, until the affected residents receive assistance," said Cianjur Regent Herman Suherman in Cianjur, Thursday.

    The Cianjur Regent asked the village to participate in collecting data on damaged buildings that had not been recorded as a result of the earthquake, so that the earthquake victims could receive assistance from the government in accordance with the damage.

    Re-data collection or re-verification will be carried out by a special team from the relevant agency and the Cianjur BPBD, to avoid data collection errors that were reported by many earthquake survivors in a number of villages in the Districts of Cugenang, Cianjur, Pacet and Warungkondang.

    The Cianjur Regent also asked residents to coordinate with Babinsa, Bhabinkamtibmas or TNI/Polri officers and the village head to propose that damaged houses be immediately recorded according to the damage and reported to BNPB.

    Based on the Decree of the Cianjur Regent No. 360/KEP.391/BPBD/2022, in the first phase there were 8,316 victims who received stimulant assistance to repair houses damaged by the earthquake, consisting of 3,809 houses with minor damage, 2,543 houses with moderate damage, and 1,964 with heavy damage.

    While the temporary total of houses damaged by the earthquake released by the Cianjur Regency Government on Thursday (15/12) totaled 56,548 with details of 26,586 lightly damaged, 16,059 moderately damaged and 13,633 heavily damaged, so far the data collection on houses damaged by the earthquake is still ongoing.

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    Indonesia earthquake toll reaches 310 as more bodies found

    The death toll from an earthquake that struck Indonesia’s Java island early this week has risen to 310 after rescuers found more bodies under landslides

    ByACHMAD IBRAHIM Associated Press
    November 25, 2022, 8:32 AM

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    Handling Cianjur Earthquake Victims, Ministry of Health Mobilizes Health Workers and Health Logistics

    Published On : Tuesday, 22 November 2022 00:00:00, Read : 69 Times

    Jakarta, 22 November 2022

    An earthquake occurred in Cianjur and its surroundings on Monday (21/22). The Ministry of Health mobilized health workers and health logistics as a response measure to deal with disaster victims.

    Based on the report received by the Ministry of Health on Monday (21/22) the earthquake occurred at 13.21 WIB with a magnitude of 5.6 on land with a depth of 10 Km, centered in Cianjur Regency, West Java.

    Spokesperson for the Ministry of Health dr. Muhammad Syahril said this earthquake resulted in injuries and deaths in Cianjur Regency, and there were injured victims in Sukabumi Regency and Bogor Regency.

    ''There was damage in a number of health care facilities. Currently it is still being collected by the Ministry of Health,'' said dr. Syahril.

    Population data according to BPS Cianjur Regency on Monday (21/22) there were around 169 thousand people affected, 5 thousands of refugees spread across several points.

    Meanwhile, the affected health facilities based on data from the West Java Health Office, Cianjur Regency Health Office, Sukabumi Regency Health Office, and Bogor Regency include Cianjur Hospital, Cugenang Health Center, Cianjur Regency, Pacet Health Center, Cianjur Regency, and Cireunghas Health Center, Sukabumi Regency.

    The Ministry of Health has mobilized a number of health workers including from the field of medicine and health workers (Biddokes) 22 health workers and 1 ambulance; from the Port Health Office 26 health workers and 3 ambulances, Hasan Sadikin Hospital is ready to send a team and prepare an emergency room to serve patients from Cianjur, from IDI 3 surgeons, 1 medical team and 1 ambulance, from the Association of Indonesian Orthopedic Surgeons (PABOI) 3 orthopedic surgeon, and 5 PSC (Public Safety Center) officers 119.

    The Ministry of Health also mobilized health logistics in the form of tents measuring 612 meters in size, velbed, HEOC operational kits, medicines, masks, children's masks, PPE, oxygen concentrators, antigen kits, emergency kits, handscoons, body bags, diapers for adults and children, kesling packages. , family kit.

    As for the triage procedure for handling emergencies, for victims of minor injuries and can be carried out as an outpatient, treatment is carried out at Cimacan Hospital and Dr. Hospital. Hafiz. For patients with moderate injuries, treatment is carried out at Bhayangkara Hospital and TNI Field Hospital. Meanwhile, patients who needed immediate treatment due to critical conditions and required major surgery were mobilized to 3 hospitals, namely the Hasan Sadikin Badung Hospital, the Bogor City Hospital, and the Sukabumi Hospital.

    This news was broadcast by the Bureau of Communication and Public Services, Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia. For further information, please contact the Halo Ministry of Health hotline number via hotline number 1500-567, SMS 081281562620, facsimile (021) 5223002, 52921669, and contact email address [at] Ministry of Health [dot] go [dot] id (D2).

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  • Emily

    Death Toll From Indonesia's Earthquake Rises to 252 - Local Government

    By Reuters
    Nov. 22, 2022, at 3:40 a.m.

    JAKARTA (Reuters) - The death toll from an earthquake that hit Indonesia's Cianjur town in western Java has risen to 252, the local government said in an Instagram post on Tuesday.

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  • Quake topples houses in Indonesia’s Java; at least 602 dead, many children
    Quake topples houses in Indonesia’s Java; at least 162 dead

    By FIRMAN TAUFIQ and EDNA TARIGANNovember 21, 2022 GMT
    CIANJUR, Indonesia (AP) — A powerful earthquake killed at least 162 people and injured hundreds on Indonesia’s main island on Monday. Terrified residents fled into the street, some covered in blood and debris.

    Many of the dead were public-school students who had finished their classes for the day and were taking extra lessons at several Islamic schools when they collapsed, West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil said as he announced the new death toll in the remote, rural area.

    The toll is expected to rise further, but no estimates were immediately available because of the area’s far-flung, rural population...
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