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Chile rose to red alert for the volcano Copahue

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  • Chile rose to red alert for the volcano Copahue
    Spanish-English translation

    Chile rose to red alert for the volcano Copahue

    It is because last night was a continuous seismic activity. In Neuquén maintain the level in yellow.
    Argentine side. Residents of the town of Caviahue, in the province of Neuquén, yesterday watched the ash cloud emanating from the volcano Copahue. / AFP

    Alert South in tourist areas by the eruption of Copahue
    One of the most active and dangerous regions of the country

    Copahue volcano
    23/12/12 - 10:18
    Chilean authorities on red alert today established in the commune of Alto Biobío, following volcanic activity reached in the final hours Copahue volcano. In Argentina remains at yellow.

    According to the party issued this morning by the National Emergency Office of the Ministry of Interior (ONEMI) Chilean "when there is no need to evacuate nearby populations preventively", however says that "according to reports from the Los Andes Volcano Observatory South (OVDAS) belonging to the National Service of Geology and Mining (SERNAGEOMIN), from 21:43 hours last night, there was a continuous seismic activity, lower property ".

    The height of the column reaches 1 to 1.5 km and moves to the southeast, the agency said. "In case of increasing activity, the area likely to be affected by lava flows and lahars, a radius of about 15 kilometers, not including populated areas," continues the part in which was announced the elevation of orange to red alert.

    This measure involves the strengthening of administrative technical monitoring of the behavior of the volcano, the implementation of community emergency plans to prevent and / or control of any situations arising Natural phenomena.

    Copahue volcano is located on the border between Argentina and Chile, in northwestern Neuquén and Biobío regions.

    The Emergency Operating Committee maintains Neuquén yellow alert. The volcano, located 350 kilometers from the capital of Neuquén, began firing ash and steam yesterday around 10.30. The column reached the center locations of the province as Cutral Co, Plaza Huincul, Arroyito and Challacó and, although the authorities considered that no evacuation was necessary, some of the villagers living near the volcano decided to leave their homes preventively.